Torus and Spine in Blue Pool video

Blue Pool

Here is a movie of the experience: YouTube or Vimeo.

Blue Pool
Blue pool landscape.
You with the stars in your eyes.
Pools in eyes. Head. Mind.
Galaxy turns blue, comes down into pool.
Blue galaxy dives into pool.
Blue vibes start in circle toroidal form.
Wondeously centered in galactic spinal center.
A sparkly evanescence in pearly white setting.
Not a fixed sculpture. Like music. Or conversation.
Structural, in the sense of order and
Not like physical building.
Constantly thrown back to huge learning curves.
Especially the one when I went to the University.
This seems like that kind of thing.
New place.
New activities.
New culture.
New people.
New opportunities.
New views.
Everything seems better and more open. Exciting and welcoming.
Life Force
Like where I need to go. To grow.
Firm feeling of intention.
Wandering from earth year to galactic rotation.
Everything is scalar and seemingly infinite.
The only way to truly grasp it is the torus.
Everything is toroidal.
There is just one torus.
Torus & Spine
Thing to be.
Welcome each and every cell, to be, torus.
Spine is torus core
and torus axis.

Other images from the movie:

Blue Pool Vibrations

Blue pool

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