Enso zeroes mind's thousand directions
July 26 Anniversary of Galactic Synchronization Beam Facebook Event

Enso Zeroes

Here is a movie of the experience: YouTube or Vimeo. This page explains the experience. The topic started on Galactic Synchronization 2014. Starting this page to get a grip on what I want to do in my movie. First list all the journal entries starting in January, 2014, plus Links and an Event.

Journal entries, 2014

2014-01-14 Dantian, tan tien or navel is focal point of breathing technique as well as the center of balance and gravity. To me, it is the focal point of every cell in the body, like a holographic cell, the cell, the one cell of caroling that is multiplied and presents itself as many cells. When I get to that point each cell feels individually and directly connected. Seat of prana in yoga. Tan t'ien (tan tien, hara, gut).

the Hara Center gom The Three Pillars of Zen, compiled and edited by Philip KapleauThe Three Pillars of Zen, compiled and edited by Philip Kapleau, has this picture called the hara center (as found on reikihelp site): Enso of the center of the universe or meditation center in the body. See the enso with navel at right.

2014-04-17 Remembering a vision that happened during meditation. Mostly about solid intensity of connection. Feel like I'm a builder. But there was an enso time. It was a rainbow enso, actually a spectrum enso. I would so love to work on this as a video artwork. Take a cross section of rainbow, gives me a spectrum of what we can see from red to blue violet. The brush then smears this line into a circular pattern or swirl starting at the top, going clockwise around with gold yellow green at the bottom and rounding up headed towards red. But infra red never meets ultra violet, just as the enso circle paradoxically is never complete. But we rest in the stillness of the almost complete but imperfect each moment.

Digitally I can imagine doing it as a spectrum straight line and then curving that in a circle. I would like to do this for earth day. Around geome. But the real deal would be to be able to draw with my stylus using the graphic tablet, making my enso. Maybe as my event for that day.

2014-04-18 Could I call my color enso "Thee"?

2014-04-20 Made a rainbow enso for this page: Easter ~ earth day ~ color spectrum enso ~ Sage smudge altar.

2014-04-21 Enso. What's that? A circle. A symbol of wholeness that in this world of changes is never perfected.

2014-04-23 Enso is like a circle always moving to completion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensō describes it as Zen Buddhist practice, which I have studied and feel akin to. Ink painting, which I have done, but now work online with a graphic tablet and pressure sensitive pen. So this is a friend of Zen working with different graphic tools, but to me a spiritual practice, done all at once. My stroke was all at once but coloring was a long process with much trial and error. At first I had imagined brush-stroking a spectrum. I'm sure it can be done but I haven't yet found the way. Also of course adding color is unensoid. And incorporating a photo of a spectrum is further complicating the imagery thus further distancing the stroke from an ensō.

2014-05-08 At Claude AnShin's for tea after meditation. I looked at the fantastic art he has. Beautiful caligraphy. A tiny triptych like my kind of drawings. A large enso that is so powerful I can't imagine the force of being that created it.

2014-05-15 AnShin meditated with us at ECMS and spoke. Wonderfully. Now that I've slept and woken up, I remember enso breathing. Surely one of the most solidly beautiful things I've ever done. That is seen. Breathe in the brushstroke meeting paper. Which has a circular quality of its own, the first touch. No as the enso breathings proceeded, I found the breathe in was between ensos. The breathe out was the deep touch of inspiration, end of hold or return. Then as breaathe out continued, the ink diminished, the stroke dried, the individual bristles appeared, it gradually became fainter until the return of the circle was not only blank, it was a spiral. The 3D enso is up, or in, or out, spiraling in, up, out to infinity.

2014-07-27 Remembered the Thich Nhat Hanh song. Will try to remember my ideas for a video. Video of a person walking along. Singing #1, draw an enso, multiD galaxies appear (somehow), and a rainbow bridge snowshoe around each foot print. Second singing shows the galaxies being zeroed. I've lost it. There were other aspects of the rainbow bridge. If I see a rainbow bridge around the enso, what? I've lost the end of the sentence. What would be the result? Oh, got it. It shrinks down to become a footstep and that crystal in the arch goes boom. I can see geome in the middle with the rainbow bridge in perspective. Maybe just the bridge. No one can look up to see why the xtal was there, that's personal. Other things can be found on web.

Looking at my so-so graphic, thinking it could be a template for an animation of the bridge. Show the octahedron, spiral coils, xtal center, earth, and rainbow eruption step by step as instructions say to do it.

Did a rainbow enso that is not bad for starters. See end of 7-28 for the rest about this graphic.

2014-07-28 Enso zeros the mind's directions, etc. I've been thinking I can use the write-on feature to do enso going one way. Have all the mind's directions as radiations when you start. Then enso zeros them by turning and winding them in.

They get wound into zero. On this path, going clockwise, …

The part that I'm not sure about and that I keep getting different visions about … with each … OK it winds up with … walk in peace. Then … multiD galaxies … those thousand directions might expand down through my body and out, not only in directions, but dimensions. Maybe the first one would be thoughts. Then the next one would be those rainbow galaxies. With each step, multi-D galaxies. Out they go. With each step, a rainbow bridge. And then over time, when the rainbow bridge goes out, it could go out, expand around me, from my crystal, from each crystal foot, and expand to earth.

2014-07-30 Enso. Needing a definition to link to. (Note, this page is it.)

2014-08-02 Going east on my beach walk, I find a mandala enso, that is concentric circles around a central rounded peak.

I've been in such bliss ever since I woke up. I'm so happy. I had no idea what a really happy mood could feel like. It gets better all the time. I feel like I'm distributing this, whatever is so happy, right down into my cells.

I felt kind of like deconstructing, melting, becoming equalized over all my tiniest parts. My thought or walk or feeling or this or that was no more than the tiniest part of a molecule. Was it democratizing? Taking care of everything impartially. What comes to mind when righting sic writing this is the Tao te Ching advice to a ruler. Don't remember the exact words, but something about if in harmony with the Tao the 10,000 things will be happy or take care of themselves.

When singing my enso song and coming to multiD, I felt anew the truth, "as above so below". Or rather, as below, so above. As if there is no difference between the tiniest and the most huge. So the deeper my connection inward, it is equally matched by a larger connection outward. I got to the basic fact of everything is connected. Thinking the thought of connectedness is different from connecting. Doing it.

By the inoutfall, I find another partial circle enso.


This page defines it with rainbow enso: Trips/Imagine/acts/meditation/smudge2014.htm.

Thich Nhat Hanh song is featured in Walking Meditation Visions.

This page on ink painting shows some examples and circling fish video: Trips/Imagine/acts/ritual/meditativeArt/meditativeArt-ZenInkPainting.htm.

Nancy's 80th birthday card has her Thich Nhat Hanh enso with a link to it: Trips/Art/FL/things/80bdCard.htm.

On 5/15/2014 beautiful enso breathing verbal journal description: weBLOG/wholeoBlog2014.htm.

Meditation page has a link to smudge page: Trips/Imagine/acts/meditation/meditation.htm.

Color/healing/colorRune.html says drop up is like a pregnant enso.

Global Meditation with Unify 8-8-2014 has a global enso in the movie.


On July 26, 2014 I honor the the first anniversary of Galactic Beam Synchronization, with a new moon. Yesterday was the preliminary Day Out of Time. See Facebook event: Day Out of Time & Galactic Synchronization Beam.

A partial circle is carved into the sand of the water that flows between the ocean and a lake. I see the circle as an enso. The photo has a rainbow from a Rainbow Bridge. The words say:

Enso zeros mind's thousand directions
But on this lovely path, I walk in peace
With each step – MultiD Galaxies
With each step – a Rainbow Bridge

Enso for Galactic Synchronization and
to record a cross section of the 2nd
annual Galactic Beam

July 26 Anniversary of Galactic Synchronization Beam Facebook Event

Wholeo blog has all the details of the day. The next day continues the guidance, when I got the words to the song and the sand enso.

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