footstep bloom
Beneath my feet, the flower I see

Walking Meditation Visions

The inspiration for this page was sparked on a Florida Trail Association Walking Meditation experience with a Vietnamese Buddhist-based guide on Dec. 2, 2012. See documentary video on youtube. She recited the words and sang a song by Thich Nhat Hanh that incited us to plant a flower with each step.

The mind can go in a thousand directions
but on this lovely path I walk in peace
with each step a gentle wind blows
with each step a flower blooms

In walking, feel your connection as if holding hands with others on the path. Thoughts pass through. Focus on steps. Create the flower and imagine what it looks like. To imprint on memory and share.

Principles of visions

Set an intention

Examples on this page specifically relate to the December 20, 2012 event, "Visions on the Night Before a New Era". When walking now, my intention was to be present, feel the wind, and see a bloom at a footstep. In 1981 in Peru I decided to ground the Feminine Ray, come what may. I had always been open to and hoping for collaboration. I did not feel like I was the only one to heed this call. The intention to work as part of a group or team was vague. It did not specifically predict the vision in Matrix 2012 or describe the result at all.

Be open minded

In walking now, I needed to see a bloom, to picture it. Would it be different at each step? When led to Peru I had to continue in spite of logistics, like money for a trip. I had to trust that it was the right thing to do and worth it, no matter what. With Matrix 2012 I had to not judge that the men probably forgot me, how likely that they are all still there and travel astrally? As with any vision, I can't be so preoccupied with tasks that I can't recognize valid visions, which can appear at inopportune times.

Pay attention

Be nonjudgmental, with lack of expectations, looking outside as well as in for significant images. Are there real flowers here today? Recognize the picture. Mine (shown above) is red floppy poppy. White Tibetan wavy border next middle ring. Black spots forming hunab ku with yellow center flourish and white. What's that? Some say, some say this and that. Words help memory of images but first try to see before saying, unless the vision is in words. Find your own truth.

Act on results

When walking now I try to plant the flower, feeling a kind of light joy in the placement and embellishment of the path. For Peru the vision was complicated and had many phases. The first step was to envision the task as clearly as possible before making the trip. In the Matrix 2012 vision this spring, it became my 2012 mission, completing partially in sharing it with ECMS. Honoring the vision brings more visions. If you let it pass, you will discourage visions and get less. Make the vision concrete, however painful or irrelevant it may seem. Sometimes the most insight comes from the lowliest image.

Rejoice in confirmation

Balance intuition with reason, and share. For the flower visualization there's no confirmation other than the fact that I like the art enough to use it as a logo. Others have liked it too. Specifics for Matrix 2012. One is this, discovered on 12/8/2012: which says: "Taripaypacha (tah-ree-pie-pah-cha) literally means "To merge with the universe". In Andean prophecy, this refers to a new Golden Age in the human experience." Intuitive emotion gasps on reading the word "Taripaypacha", sounding so much like the Tschiripaiya, that in 1981 at Machu Picchu, I identified as my sub-self that had guided me on this whole trip. This was before I had ever heard of the Mayan Calendar or attached any significance to 2012 or new age. Reason says there is a difference in spelling, particularly "pacha" instead of "ya". Web search finds there is a Taripaya location near Cusco, Peru. There are several interpretations of this finding. Not ruling out that possibly she was a real person that came from that place. More likely I'm finding this to further the vision I had then, seeing similarity and choosing to find coincidence. So the pacha is new information about grounding. I had started the Aluna Joy search, having found a typo on my September, 1998 global meditation info. Struck by the statement, "anchoring Heaven on Earth" in Peru by a visionary from Mt. Shasta, I thought maybe that was similar to my grounding the Feminine Ray mission. But I had first seen this current quote from “It is my feeling that most of us will be surfing a wave between love and fear as we evolve beyond this world of duality. We will be called in each moment to LET GO of fear, and choose LOVE over all outer appearances that may look scary and unsafe”. That resonates with the vision this spring.

Reiteratively Interpret

Streamline your visions. Perhaps the encounter with Aluna Joy's quote was simply a reminder that we are all connected. Say what if? What else? Apply different scale, merge different things. Leaps of imagination. Suddenly I imagine car wheels planting a flower on each rotation and cars and drivers connecting along the roadways as if holding hands. The whole drive seems magical, fragrant, beautiful and I'm more aware of other drivers and alert to what they might do.

See a variation on this song in Enso Zeroes. See also Refreshing Breathwalk and Meditation.

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