IMAGINE takeoff
These pages are to give flight to your imagination, symbolized by the graphic*. Topics are acts, evolution, ritual spaces, geometry, process-oriented programming (POP), and R. Buckminster Fuller.

Acts of the Imagination

Be all that you can be and bring that to whatever you can imagine.


Focus on expansion of consciousness and designs for new beings.

Ritual Spaces

Enter elements of virtual realities with imagined and real spaces for imagination to dwell within and take off from.


Explore forms related to Wholeo, the whole self and its evolution.

Process-oriented programming (POP)

What is involved in paying attention? For starters, an outline and diagram showing a process for OMlulu. Many other topics in Wholeo Online are included in the process. I am developing the links for POP.

R Buckminster Fuller

Focus starting with a response to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge in 2008.
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The warped rug graphic, "Imagining" © Caroling 1997. All rights reserved. Graphic shows "IMAGINE", the John Lennon memorial in NYC Central Park, taking off. Based on a photograph of the concrete site by my kids in 1997 (thanks, folks!).
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