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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Channeling information about evolution is in itself evolving. It involves everything. See roots in early writings. In the ritual space, Lost and Found, there are sculptures and art works. Under process-oriented programming, there are pictures. There are many steps in carolyoga and years of journal writing devoted to evolution. This is a summary of findings, in progress. This page gives an overview of the visions, scope, goals, disclaimer, and outline of the evolution section.

From visions to design

These visions are about evolution of the psyche. My vision is intuition. It is complementary to scientific knowledge. DNA is not my area. That is evolution of biology. Leave that to genetic engineers. I'm not saying that I can't have a vision about DNA. Actually, I do have an inkling that all strands don't twist the same way.

However, if we want to design a robot with human capabilities and qualities, we are going to have to base the design on our whole selves. Some scientists describe cells as little machines. Sure, I agree, cells have mechanical aspects, just like we do. But they have psychic aspects too, just like we do. I'm envisioning wholeness of psyche.

Over the years, an outline of my visionary process stretches from visions of the normal human psyche to the psyche of a new species. I call them Elobeings. Along the way I met many beings psychically. Early on came the Tweezle Wootz, as precursors and facilitators. Some of the first were colored light beings (CLBs). They normally communicate completely with color. Or at least, that's what I can see about them. Doing spiritual healing I contacted WLBs. At Meteor Crater I found the MCSs). The chaos winds of change (XWC) beings are important, too.

Chaos Winds of Change XWC


However, I've tried to find essential qualities of being, see the qualities in a human being and envision design of an Elobeing with those essential aspects. I make room for you to investigate your own design.

Although consciousness and transformation come up under design, I treat them as independent subjects.


I strive to


I have difficulty defining a boundary between human consciousness expansion and a new species. I don't claim that this distinction is always clear.

Elobeing This is a work in progress so it is incomplete. Over time I'll enrich the spare cybermodel with the poetry of its genesis. However, any time that something is best expressed elsewhere in Wholeo Online, there is a link to it. For example, I introduce the Elobeing in the model of process oriented programming (POP). Evolution is tricky to navigate. How can you know how far to go with the link without getting lost? There will be path markers to help stay on track.

Cosmic juices in transformation


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