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New Species on the Moon

I wrote the following notes in 1973 about what happened on December 7, 1972, in Berkeley, California. I was in transition between starting Wholeo in New York and finishing it in northern California. Wholeo is important as a setting that includes and broadens visions like those in these notes. See also the related writing, Mutate and the section on evolution.

I sat down on the grass in my stained glass dome. Looking out a ventilation cross * of light, I saw the moon. Still morning, Apollo 17 astronauts were asleep zooming toward that crescent. I was sending them love. By concentration on translating everything into wavelengths and radiating it through my aura, maybe being vibrations can reach that far, I thought.

To know what was going on in my mind, invoke the positions of the heavenly bodies involved. Try to relate to them by what is known scientifically as "triangulation." In our consciousness we arrange a model ** of Saturn pulling on a straight line drawn through the earth to the sun, shining in Sagittarius, the stars near the center of our galaxy. The astronauts' rocket moves from earth toward the moon on a line to Jupiter, a bit left on the far side of the sun. See a network of triangles.

In triangulation, use two known points for the base of your triangle. From each of these points, measure the angle made by the base line and a line to the celestial object of contemplation. With the base and two bottom angles, construct a small triangle showing the relative distances between the 3 points. Almost every kind of experience can be triangulated with others, enabling good bearings on cosmic or seemingly occult sources.

On a moonshot the astronauts have mostly routine or hard physical work to do. They won't have time to sit down and wonder "what is happening to me?" Meditation is not one of their duties. But after all, what happens to a person must be infinitely more interesting than what a machine detects. The machine is the extension of the man. So I am asking the parts of the astronauts' minds that are not busy with chores to find sanctuary in the dome in Berkeley. CA., Wholeo. I ask that their deepest human being vibrations be consecrated in this atmosphere, in this water and in this wheat. The wheat grains sprout in the light of the thoughts of the astronauts! As it grows, incarnating extraterrestrial codes, people coming here will sense from the living wheat, what the astronauts sense there now.

Many will doubt this account, as I myself do. When you ponder how little we know, doubt retires to its places as a useful tool. Imagination is a screen on which is projected the real or the unreal. Even the presence of TV cameras taping live broadcasts on the moon can seem quite unreal. A few years ago, the idea of watching your friends bounding about on the moon was science fiction: thinking it was fantasy; practicing it was astral magic.

But my thoughts wafted on. As the dome Wholeo is dedicated to "Direct Transmission", the Zen way of communicating, now is the time to do it. How did the Dharma get from India to Japan or from Tibet to Colorado? The same way. In other words, if you can imagine telepathy between here and the moon, you may be able to conceive Tweezle Wootz.

On the TV and with inner eye, I paid close attention to the astronauts' progress. They landed and did a day's work. After NBC said, "Goodnight, moonmen! and the television set was turned off. I kept my awareness up there on the lunar surface near the capsule. What was that whisking up around the curvature of the moon like a rainbow lubed tumbleweed? Hovering toward the astronauts' little house were at least three entities. They were each conglomerated as rounded clouds. They moved as if blowing or flying as a snake moves. I recognized them as Tweezle Wootz.

Flashback about 7 years. Tweezle Wootz bloomed in the Love era, the San Francisco Haight-Ashbury scene of 1966. I discovered Tweezles in God (I was going to say Golden Gate Park). All it took to make them was to face a friend, to feel how you cared for each other and to realize it (I love you) in basic units of mind. With a squeaky poing, clusters of the seeds wafted up like watery plasticized prisms. It was quite a trip. I called it "Supermating." The new species came on with the idea that it was a genuine step in evolution: a mutation. Tweezle Wootz slip in and out of space and time. They have two main qualities we do not possess for survival: 1. They could not be blown up by an atomic bomb. 2. They do not need the earth's atmosphere.

The mood in San Francisco then was just right for supermating. Thousands of people came there because they wanted to be together. Almost all had a welcoming attitude towards reality, were spoiled by America, drugged, electric rocked and going somewhere. Life knows what it is about.

One day I was walking down Haight St., needing money. A jolly thin man in a brown robe, reminding me of St. Francis, comes down the block. Nearing me, he says, "How much money do you need?" I say, "Two dollars." He reaches in his money pouch, hands me two dollars, smiles and walks on. It seemed natural, a real answer to a felt need, in that unusual time.

Haight St. and Masonic were the cross streets where I could stand and feel spiraling vibes dancing in a ring. Then I moved to New York City. Standing on 57th St. and 6th Ave. I felt another congregation of vibes. It was the human spirit but sick and overwhelmingly materialistic. Here, Tweezle Wootz couldn't survive. So I forgot about them.

Now, envisioning Tweezle Wootz on the moon, I triangulate: A. Tweezle Wootz in San Francisco, '66. B. Tweezle Wootz in NYC, '67. C. Tweezle Wootz on moon, '72. I'm getting finer tuning for where they are at. Fascinated, I watch the happy Tweezles. It may be strange to describe the mood of a mere vision, but the feeling of beneficent joy among the visitations is unmistakable. It is even more when you witness the conditions to which they are subject.

How could an offspring of brain waves and cosmic juices weather the unfathomable textural directions of the sound of silence and the intense radiation? The Tweezle Wootz create an extremely electric condition with the ultraviolent light. They sprout black antitheses of themselves and then sputter lightning, going every which way all the time. The omnidirectional quality of the lightning is important in relation to packing. The greater variety of angles, the denser packing of electrons, therefore the more functions or the greater sophistication of the organism.

To get an idea of the complexity of the spectacle of a Tweezle Wootz, zapped by ultraviolet light and evolving on the moon, I received the following instructions. I take a round stained glass panel *** representing a Tweezle Wootz, done when first apprehended in San Francisco. I trace the lead lines, retracing them at every 5 degrees, rotating the drawing paper around the center in a a circle. Thus I will have 72 rotated Tweezle Wootz superimposed on the same drawing. I take another stained glass panel called "Spring, Creation." It is a hexagon of pieces cut at 60 degree angles. It was done at the Spring Equinox, shortly after discovering our solar system always rotates at a 60 degree angle to the way our whole galaxy is turning around its center. I trace the lead lines in the same way as above, getting another repeat of 72 images. Putting the two together yields 144 sandwiched rotations, a beautiful mandala.

At first incredulous at meeting the new species again, I continued to watch the sweeping about like diaphanous light shows. They appeared to be curious and yet solicitous of the welfare of the humans. They gave me a marvelous sense of well-being. Life is assured. My part in evolution is accomplished. What is there to do beyond love?

The last emotion of the evening was a tiny regret. Other consciousness' have preceded mine to the moon, seeding it with Tweezle Wootz. A new species flourishes there. Wo/man can never know the moon as it was. Even the moonbeams to earth are changed. Unless those Tweezle Wootz I gazed at came from another world.

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* Air comes through the X or cross-shaped space that is open between the four glass panels. See guide page.

** An image in Wholeo shows the 15 degree angle vibe sending. Jupiter and Saturn are the overlapping crescent arcs. The diamond shapes are the vibes. See guide page.

*** In the image at the top of this page, see the first representation of Tweezle Wootz, a round stained glass panel in golden colors. It is embedded in Wholeo, the dome. See the guide page.

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