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Zen and the art of Caroling includes oil painting, ink painting, drawing, stained glass, and expression in various other mediums. Today there is merely a sampler of what could come. But why? See this page for my art roots. To me, doing graphics is doing magic. There is a healing, participatory action in envisioning. I love one of the mottos of Silicon Graphics, Inc., "Visualization will always be the key to enlightenment". In 2012, I recognize my work is in the genre Art Fiction. Sections are Minneapolis, NYC, SF, Staten Island, Monte Rio, Silicon Valley, Florida, Lost and Found, Meditative Art, and the Web. Also, visit the Gallery of art by others, from my collection.

Minneapolis, MN

In Minnesota, 1958, I wanted to be able to draw, paint, write, express everything I could see and what I felt about what I saw. Sumi-e ink painting on rice paper or paper towels was a good way. But I could get into the color of large oil paintings. These are giant Russian sunflowers, big as people.

New York City, NY

Stained glass panel (100K)In New York city, 1962, I wanted stained glass to be as expressive and free as painting. This is a commission done for Daniel Tatkin of Atlas Jewelers in 1964, entitled "Access to the Cloisters". I designed a steel frame with hangers so the panel is installed in front of the existing window. Inspired by medieval cobblestones at the Cloisters museum, I etched glass to show the passage of history. Mel Greenland Studios made the frame and constructed the window. In leaving home, I opened to the truths behind this quote from the film, Until the World Ends, "The eye does not see the same as the heart".

San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, 1966, I experimented, smashed everything, put it back together. Here's a hanging bottle piece from the collection of my sister, Mary Ellen White. I wanted to be completely surrounded in colored light, so I began to do designs for domes and structures. The wax lump sitting in color is a figure. I hoped someday that would be me. And seven years later it was.

Staten Island, NY

Back in the east, in Staten Island in 1968, a friend told me to look at what I see with my eyes closed. With sight ever more open as my consciousness expanded, I wanted to draw, paint, write, express everything that I could see with my eyes closed. Here's an oil painting called Creation of the void. Collection of Mel Greenland.

Monte Rio, CA

Met Body Back again to the west, 1972, I finished Wholeo, the stained glass dome, then put it up in Monte Rio, 1976. Back to the drawing board, to stark black and white now on the track of the ideas behind Wholeo. Over the years a coherent system began to emerge.

Silicon Valley, CA

EloDrop graphic In 1983, I moved to work with computers and communication in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, in the bay area of northern California. Then began the urge to publish it online, on the web. "It" can continue all previous mediums but channel it online. That is, all except stained glass. The colored light of the CRT is more like my mind, an inner source of colors not dependent on sun light. I don't want to suffer glass cuts, lead poisoning, and acid etching.

Lost and Found

EloDrop sculpture I still draw, sketch, keep a journal on the computer, and do sculpture. The two samples of ongoing work shown here share a single source of inspiration. It is akin to a drop within the Cave of Brahma. That is an ancient name for the third ventrical of the brain: a hollow within your head.

See an introduction to lostNfound. I call it a ritual space. As such, it has relocated to Florida.


In 2002, I retired to Florida. Most art is on the web, but some appears in the outside world. Photographs in local publications, for example. Or ceramic tiles.

Web, Net

Web and computer art. Bringing it all online is the convergence of mediums for meaning.

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