Gallery - Art from Caroling's collection

All the art in the gallery section is done by other people, but somehow I got it or I photographed it. They are listed alphabetically, by the last name of the artist. Also links to art by others that is not in the gallery section.

Drawing by John Beauchamp, a friend in Minneapolis in the 50s.

"SoulScape of Caroling", a spiritual painting by Melva Blick, an acquaintance.

My painting teacher, Cameron Booth, influenced most of the artists associated with the University of Minesota in the 1950s. Here is his painting, "Crystals of Earth and Sky".

Here are various Works by my daughter, Elizabeth.

Here are photos of art done by a friend, Carol Hoorn Fraser. Also, photographs by her husband, John Fraser.

Renee Holland's rooms.

Irwin Klein was a close friend in the 1960s and early 1970s. Here are some of his great photographs.

Karla Kuyaca photographs.

My mother, Evelyn A. Lind, was my early inspiration.

The gallery of art by others opens with works by and from Eula Long.

I studied printmaking with Malcolm Myers over several years, from woodcuts through aquatint and etching. Here is his print, "Four Winds".

Mary White gave me photos and jewelry that she made.

Phyllis Downs Ames Wiener, Minneapolis, MN

Gene Wilcox came from Minnesota. Here are large photographs.

Links to works by others on Wholeo Online, this site

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