Karla Kuyaca

Click on the thumbnail or name of the image to see the full size photo. I knew Karla in 1960s and 70s. We reconnected in 2008, when I learned that the first photogarph was by Karla. I had thought it was by her associate, Irwin Klein.

construction"America Needs Indians", says the poster. Under the feet of the Native American image are the words "Love Generation". HAAS and HAYNIE reminds me of "haves and have-nots". One is trespassing but a toe touches a round mandala on the way. The ladder up and the larger hat are fenced off under construction. This photograph is © 2000-2008 Karla Kuyaca. All Rights Reserved.

gypsyGypsy was a gift from Karla in 1969. I've always loved the intutive connection between person and animal. What is it? Dog? Monkey? Mysterious and melodic. Karla does not know where the photograph came from or who took it. Copyright remains with the photographer.

See the karlakuyaca.com web site for more.

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