Irwin Klein, friend and photographer

Click on the thumbnail or name of the image to see the full size photo. Other sizes as noted. These photographs are from the 1960s and are all © 2000-2002 Irwin Klein. All Rights Reserved. Irwin left this earth in 1974.

construction"America Needs Indians", says the poster. In 2008 I found out this photo was done by a close friend and protege of Irwin's: Karla Kuyaca. See it on her page.

"Sheep in New Mexico". Also, enlarged photo. I enjoy the way the sunlit hair of the girl moves like the ears of the sheep.

be-in San Francisco "Be-in". Enlargement of the faces detail. Also, enlarged photo. One wears a flower in his hair, probably in Golden Gate Park.

MOMAIrwin Klein took this photo in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I call it "Woman and the Three Fates". It's also known as "MOMA Women". (See also a larger version at 150 KB.)

See also a picture of Irwin (under my window in Holly and Steve Baer's Zome in Corrales, New Mexico). Two more of his photos are "Lower East Side Rooftop" (New York city) and East 10th St. Rooftop with Kites.

Carol and LeoCarol and Leo under that rooftop on the Lower East Side, New York city, about 1964. (Photo by Irwin.) See a larger version.

encounter Also Carol VS Buddha.

In 2002, supporters opened an Irwin Klein Photographs web site. There you can see many of his great works and perhaps join in the effort to save them for generations to come.

See also Caroling's related art: Homage to Irwin Klein (photo story FL), NY Person, Irwin Klein (oil, NY), Face and Photographer (watercolors, NY), Irwin Again (ink painting, MN).

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