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Homage to Irwin Klein

This store window reminds me of the photographer Irwin Klein. I took the picture and present it here in honor of his vision (as I see it).

He was attracted to windows. He recorded the transparency and multiple reflections that create an ambiguous space, cluttered and superimposed, like the jumble of associations swirling and montaging in our mind. He caught partial closure, like the shutter raised letting us see in. He read the unintentional poetry of commercial signs. Here the sign saying "Free" is itself in free fall. A crab that sought secure hermitage in a seashell has been plucked to be set free from the sea. How strange, a sense of the bizarre and the ironic. We see the offer, but there is no way into the store. Irwin used the structure of the cross and repeating rectangles. The reflected trees seem doubled and the sod almost artificially green. The exterior so neat. The interior in disarray. Irwin was fascinated with mannequins. Here they are limbless, floating in or out of their own window, indeterminately purposed and placed. Icons of humanity or overseers.

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