Travel shows the main places I've been in recent decades. So far the record consists mostly of photographs. The list of places is ordered with the latest added at the top of the list. That way, if you want to see what's new, you can go there first. Plus, the newest will be as essential for the site as the old. All is of equal value. These are top categories. They might contain many parts. I often add more to Florida, for example, but it doesn't come to the top of the list.

And that's not all. In 1981 I flew to Peru and travelled around Lake Titicaca via Bolivia, South America. I didn't bring a camera but returned with some art work. As a college student in 1954, I travelled from New York City by ocean liner to western Europe, visiting Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. My camera was a single-lens reflex Rolleicord but I've lost the black and white prints, which I developed myself at the U of Minnesota. As a child I car-toured western USA and parts of Canada with my family. The cameras were not mine: Kodak and Brownie.

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