Fuller Dome on 2018-10-10   Google Earth map showing how the center is oriented along the W 90° Meridian of longitude
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Fuller Dome, The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability

The entry stairs, railing, all angles align with the 90th meridianDetail of Fuller Dome on 2018-10-10 From outside, you wouldn't know that going into this little known dome is a view from inside earth. Approaching from the north on the 90th Western Meridian of Longitude, stairs take you down to a couple of feet below the sphere.

Inside Fuller Dome facing the 90th meridianOutside the front entrance to Fuller Dome on the 90th meridianContinuing on inside, look south, up and all around within a mini-earth. I visited Fuller Dome at The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability in Edwardsville, IL from October 10-12, 2018. Work on this project is ongoing.

See 10 images around the dome and the Dymaxion Maps of the world.

Design issues, with mat design See Underfoot for design issues.

Wholeo Fuller Yoga Mat as it might be used in the Fuller Dome See Wholeo Fuller Yoga Mat Design Sketches as it might look in place in use.

On the map: Namaste Yoga Meditation on the Mat

Dymaxion Map Differences

The 90th Meridian and birthday The 90th

Almost finished painting the Fuller Dome Yoga Mat Making the Yoga Mat

See a movie about the idea: Vimeo or YouTube.

See R. Buckminster Fuller in my life.

https://www.siue.edu/religion/ is the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability web site for SIUE (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville).

Fullerdome.org is the off-campus website. Has Geoview, Fuller's essay on the center and dome and a page about the dome.

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