Dymaxion Map Differences - Fuller Dome is a new icosahedral mapping. Green lines indicate the top of the dome is a vertex of the icosahedron, where the triangles meet
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Fuller Dome top or zenith is mapped to its site: Edwardsville, IL

Dymaxion Map Differences

Dymaxion Map detail. Green lines indicate the triangles do not meet at a vertex near St. Louis.The first Dymaxion World map of 1943 projected the continents of earth onto a vector equilibrium*. The DYMAXION AIROCEAN WORLD map** of 1952 available today projects the continents of earth onto an icosahedron, made up of 20 triangles. The portion of earth projected onto the Fuller Dome is mapped differently onto an icosahedron. I have not been able to verify that the Fuller Dome map can be termed "Dymaxion".

If a model is constructed of the 1952 Dymaxion Map (see one below and on this page), it is a 1V, one frequency. The model for Fuller Dome is 5V, five frequency. That is, there are five segments or struts between each node (vertex) of the underlying icosahedron. In the photos of the dome, the triangles and vertexes are marked and outlined. The corresponding locations on the Dymaxion Map are clearly in different triangles.

The top of the dome is located in Edwardsville, IL 90°N 38°W. It is located on a vertex of the icosahedron. On the Dymaxion Map, Edwardsville is located on or near a line between two vertexes. Note the model I made is hanging from Edwardsville. Map entitled 'Dymaxion Airocean World. The Raleigh Edition of Fuller Projection'. Available from bfi.org

Vertex of the icosahedron in the center of South America shown with green lines on photo of Fuller Dome. Different from Dymaxion Map. Similarly in the Fuller Dome, there is a vertex of the icosahedron in the center of South America as shown in the previous photo to the left. Note that in a geodesic dome, a pentagon surrounds each of the icosahedral vertexes. There are twenty in a sphere but only 14 in the Fuller Dome. On the Dymaxion Map the vertexes are above and below the continent of South America. Sides of triangles form a line through the center of SA.

Dymaxion Map detail shows that St. Louis and Edwardsville are not near a vertex. The mapping is different from the Fuller Dome.The detail in the next photo on the right shows that St. Louis and Edwardsville are not near a vertex. The mapping is different from the dome. I have not seen a graphic showing the design of the Fuller Dome map.

* Credits: See pages 120-123 in the Catalogue of the exhibit Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe for a Life magazine model and directions for assembling the first Dymaxion Map in 1943.

** Credits 2: For the Dymaxion Airocean World Map of 1952, see the model or online info at bfi.org, the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

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