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Making Fuller Dome Yoga Mat

Steps in designing started here: Fuller Dome. See Yoga Mat.

Steps in painting yoga mat are here.

Terms: Struts are straight members joined together at vertexes to form a geodesic dome. On the mat they are straight lines connecting dots.

Materials: PVC non-toxic black yoga mat 72" square. Brown craft paper for pattern. Plastic sheeting. Duct tape. Painters tape for delicate surface, .94" wide. Fabric color, non-toxic: three 3 oz. spray cans plus some puffy brush-on white paint and two 3 oz. spray paint cans, blues. Many 1/4" stickers.

Tools: scissors, paint brush, rulers, X-ACTO knife, paper weights.

Locations: outdoors temperature between 50-70° not windy and indoors clean at room temperature with ventilation or exhaust fans.

scaled design sketch with 1" = 1' (12") Using scaled design sketch with 1" = 1' (12").

On paper pattern, find edges of 1/5 of the circle and then mark strut vertexes On paper pattern, mark strut positions, cutting a hole at each vertex.

Repeat pattern placement five times in a circle, putting a sticker in each hole On mat, repeat pattern placement five times in a circle, putting a sticker in each hole. Dot pattern of vertexes with paper removed

Pressing tape firmly and completely to keep paint out, connect the dots Using painters tape for delicate surfaces, connect the dots. Taping complete Tape closeup

Mask the corners of the mat with plastic sheeting secured with duct tape Mask the corners of the mat with plastic sheeting secured with duct tape.

One 3 oz. can of spray paint is not enough to cover the mat Outdoors, spray the background color in the middle of the day when humidity is least. Allow five minutes between coats.

Base coat finished In evening bring mat indoors. In enclosed room with ceiling fan on, use exhaust fan in neighboring room.

Cut strips of tape in half lengthwise for a flexible outline of continents, holding plastic masks Next day mask the continents with plastic sheeting secured with painters tape cut in half for flexibility.

Blue and Neon Blue paint sprayed for the ocean Outdoors, spray the water blue paint. When dry, bring mat indoors for the evening. Detail of the painted ocean/continent outlines

Continents with plastic masks removed Next day remove the plastic masks. Brush continents with white paint. White areas need several coats of paint

After four hours, remove protective tape to reveal the black framework of the dome structure, leaving the outer circle When dry, remove the stickers and the tape connecting the dots.

What is unfinished or undecided? Adding a title, signature and date to the artwork. Why are some parts sticky? Will it need a finishing coat such as a sealer? How to hang or store the mat when not in use? How to ship the mat? Communication with the people who manage the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability.

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