Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat

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Yoga Meditation on the Mat

I thrilled to the first use of Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat. It is a way to intimately interact with geodesic geometry that I have not experienced from overhead domes. It is consciousness expanding and concentrating at the same time. It has a dynamic sense of centered balance.

Standing BowStanding Bow

Sitting Sitting

Bent Forward Bow Bent Forward Bow

Bent forward flying Bent Forward Flying

Reaching back Reaching Back

Bent back Bent Back

Hands behind back Hands Behind Back

Art works seed new ones. Being on this mat I'm aware of Fuller Dome overhead, with Edwardsville, IL on the map overhead. I can remember being there in October, 2018. But what if a smart dome yoga map mat would have GPS and could reprogram the nadir location of my current site in Florida? The Dymaxion (or Google Earth) antipode would appear in the mat's map. Then I could truly feel I was within a 3D earth model. I wonder if digital technology exists to create an electronic mat? If so, the configuration of struts would change to match the frequency of the dome overhead. For example, if I were in Wholeo Dome in Tennessee. If I were not, I could choose that programmed location. It would truly be a dynamic maximum ion projection completion in real time.

See Fuller Dome.

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