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Wholeo Dome Programmable Yoga Mat

Imagine you have a 6-foot square mat underfoot before you. It is made of bouncy, grippy, flexible yoga mat material with programmable images. You have the Wholeo Dome program and are exploring the images using your computer, smart phone, or buttons on the mat. What are your choices? There is the image of Wholeo Dome as it would appear if you were in the dome, looking up. You gaze at it awhile, syncing up with its imagery, geometry and structure. You are especially attentive to the 5-fold aspects of the geodesic tube frame because you can choose its framework looking down through earth and out of the other hemisphere of Wholeo Dome and earth to the sky below. A dome yoga mat image completes the sphere. I call it completion projection.

The video flips through about 40 variations of the color-coded strut segments of the geodesic frame. It starts with the globe nadir as background, which is mostly ocean with a few white continents: Australia, Antarctica, Indonesia and edges of Africa and Asia. It repeats the variations over a cloudy swirl and again in the dark.

Smart yoga mat concept imageThe movie continues in perspective as it might be used, repeating the variations over three backgrounds.

See the individual images of the color-coded frame struts. Back to Wholeo Dome yoga mats.

Color-coded strut length for 6v geodesic dome source Color-coded strut length source explained in weB Log on 2018-12-10.

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