Sketch of the frame for the Wholeo Yoga Mat

Sketch of the frame for the Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat

Looking from two feet below the dome as flattened into a fisheye photo.

Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat

Fuller Dome inspired a similar "Completion Projection" for Wholeo Dome.

In November, 2018, Elizabeth Barger had written to Wholeo Facebook page that she was glad Wholeo Dome would be up on The Farm again. Suddenly I got a new idea and I wrote back, "If I master the art of round Fuller Dome yoga mat painting, I'll do one for Wholeo Dome. As you probably know, the geodesic geometry is not only architectural, it maps consciousness expansion structures. So a mat completing the geometry of the sphere I expect is going to be mind-blowing. Fuller and Wholeo domes are sisters in many ways. Weird how being an artist is never done. One idea sparks others ad infinitum. Good thing you wrote to me. Thanks again."

"Completion Projection" now that's a Fullerene description!

6V frequency from Domebook II looking from the top 6V frequency from Domebook II looking from the top.

Fisheye photo of Wholeo Dome. The struts and vertexes are visible. This rug is designed for the dome as (it was or will be) installed at The Farm, TN. Looking up.

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