Sketch of the frame for the Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat Wholeo Dome frame over nadir as viewed in Google Earth Wholeo Dome frame over nadir in the blue sky style of Fuller Dome Color-coded struts of Wholeo Dome frame over nadir on the other side of earth, as visualized in Google Earth Pro Wholeo Dome combined with color-coded frame design

Sketches for a Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat,

looking from the middle of the dome as flattened into a fisheye photo of the other hemisphere.

Imagine standing inside the sphere as earth. Below your feet is the opposite side of earth, the ocean near the south pole and Australia.

Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat

Yoga is a personal practice of union with the whole. A yoga mat is a place to center practice. A dome yoga mat image completes the sphere. A Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat projects the nadir, the opposite hemisphere of Wholeo Dome, a stained glass skin artwork over a 6v geodesic tube frame. A smart yoga mat would be programmable. Fuller Dome inspired a similar "Completion Projection" for Wholeo Dome.

In November, 2018, Elizabeth Barger had written to Wholeo Facebook page that she was glad Wholeo Dome would be up on The Farm again. Suddenly I got a new idea and I wrote back, "If I master the art of round Fuller Dome yoga mat painting, I'll do one for Wholeo Dome. As you probably know, the geodesic geometry is not only architectural, it maps consciousness expansion structures. So a mat completing the geometry of the sphere I expect is going to be mind-blowing. Fuller and Wholeo Domes are sisters in many ways. Weird how being an artist is never done. One idea sparks others ad infinitum. Good thing you wrote to me. Thanks again."

The GPS for the frame at The Farm in 2017 was 35,28.96N, 87,19.64W. I note that my expectations and hopes are nil about resurrection of the stained glass. Seeing the fate of Fuller Dome has augmented Alastair Gordon's view expressed in his book, Spaced Out, that the domes are so 60's and not meant to survive. Even its architects, Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao did not promote Fuller Dome. However, I in my artist dreaminess, still see it as a saviour of the world, one of the best messages ever, and I love the idea of a Wholeo Dome yoga mat. However, maybe I should reconsider and make it a sphere floor 14' in diameter. Of some material really paintable, not like PVC. Well, no, go ahead with this one. It can be a design for a concrete poured one or whatever if they ever get it up again.

Suddenly whiffed whipped up with the thought of domes underfoot. Do yoga outside on a dome frame mat; imagine the rest of the sphere above and the earth, sky and beyond below. Just as all dome building entrants have to do completion projection all the time. "Completion Projection" now that's a Fullerene description!

In the half sphere, or hemisphere, there are six pentagons. Six struts connect one to another, so it is a 6v geodesic frame.

Color-coded struts of Wholeo Dome frame over nadirThe six pents are easy to see in the diagram with color-coded strut lengths. See it over the nadir on the other side of earth, as visualized in Google Earth Pro.

Imagining earth below, looking out through the sea with the south pole over Antarctica, Australia in the west, India north and South America east.

Sky down under Or see sky blue beyond, the "Air Ocean" as Bucky called it.

Wholeo Dome combined with color-coded frame design Combining the stained glass dome above with the frame.

6V frequency from Domebook II looking from the top 6V frequency from Domebook II looking from the top.

Fisheye photo of Wholeo Dome. The struts and vertexes are visible. This rug is designed for the dome as (it was or will be) installed at The Farm, TN. Looking up.

Smart Yoga Mat

Smart yoga mat concept image Idea for a smart yoga mat is to make it programmable. It could have 5 different backgrounds such as black, white, or colored struts. Individual strut combos. Wholeo dome. Expanding on and exploring this idea. Do I want to show them in perspective, in use? For a concept see the video on Vimeo: or on YouTube:

See a design using variations of the geodesic 6v color-coded struts of the frame as Wholeo Dome Programmable Yoga Mat.

Color-coded strut length for 6v geodesic dome source Color-coded strut length source explained in weB Log on 2018-12-10. See also individual image sources.

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