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In February, 2015 a Save-The-Wholeo Dome group of people at The Farm transitioned Wholeo Dome from the Farm school. On March 7 they took down the glass panels and frame for storage at what was then called the "Ecovillage Training Center". In 2019 there are changes. In 2023, see Wholeo Rising for news going forward with a site, building design, and construction underway.

In Fall 2017, I visited the site known as The Farm EcoHostel. Although people come and go from a loose group of volunteers, people do repair the glass panels and intend to find a new site on The Farm. It will need to be protected from the elements and satisfy other factors related to a public environmental artwork. The foundation and surroundings are under innovative design process. Email Vickie {vickie@thefarmcommunity) for more info.

In 2014, soil taken from the entryway tested a high level of lead on Wholeo dome's 40th birthday.


This page tells about the installation and life of Wholeo, the stained glass dome, at The Farm. In 2015, all previous pages about it on this web site are history.

Contact began in 2003. As of August, 2004, we had signed an Agreement for donation of Wholeo Dome at The Farm School and the installation of the art work was finished. Early in 2005, I started Conservation and Movies sections on this web page. The Farm site needed development for public access and repair of damage. As of July, 2005 (not visible in the dome photo above) the entry was filling with gravel, the glass damage had not been stabilized or fixed, panels were warped and sagging. Goodbye Wholeo Dome. Wait, in April, 2008, Nick Tighe writes that his advocacy has saved the dome and work is in progress on repairs. Perhaps it will be hello Wholeo Dome after all. In May, 2010, it's fixed. Daniel Callarman becomes a Facebook friend and writes:

"Blessings Caroling, Just finished repairing your most far out Wholeo. What an amazing expression of the soul! I feel I kept true to the original message. Peace and thanks for your LIGHT!!!".

To visit The Farm, see this page: http://thefarmcommunity.com/the-farm-welcome-center/.

The latest news is first. Click some of the small pictures to see larger versions or more info. See a logo++ .


Wholeo Dome 2012 with Grandkids, video and images, Caroling's family, the Archers, celebrating Independence Day.

The morning of July 20, 2010 Eyes Wander in Wholeo Dome (link to YouTube version of the < 5 minute movie).

In 2008, see a teaser trailer, QuickTime or Flash , for a movie tour of Wholeo Dome that Caroling recorded in 2004 and 2005. A full tour is planned.

In July, 2005, take a look around Wholeo Dome. In the photos, I lightly retouched broken glass in 12 panels.

Early in 2005, The Farm Welcome Center received a DVD and VHS videotape of a conservation video. The next production in progress is the Installation of Wholeo Dome at The Farm School. It shows where the dome came from and how it got there, with interviews about its reception. Spin-offs:


The Conservation page includes the following topics and more.

On Location

Picture story of rebirthing Wholeo Dome, May through August, 2004.

inscription   finale

In the picture on the right, Caroling prepares to install the last panel on the frame. The picture on the left shows the etched inscription on the final panel. As of July, all the panels are up on the frame. In August it was completed. The site needs a fence, gate, bulletin board, hitching post, and exterior entry to the dome. When these are done, we'll have a public opening. Students studying Natural Building at the Ecovillage Training Center had an assignment to design site development. They considered mowing, low-maintenance landscaping, paths, a welcoming area with benches, removal of dead trees nearby, and other ideas for enhancing public access to Wholeo Dome. Fence and gate are first on the list. Other classes over the year would complete phases of the project.

See the Wholeo Dome Location Plan for a graphic flow chart of progress. The History page is a chronology of events.


During installation, the Farm School Art Room served as stained glass studio. The picture at the left shows high school students Cayla and Faith repairing panels in preparation for installation. The picture at the top of the page shows that about 1/5 of the panels were installed by mid-June. In June, Joel made a retaining wall and filled in the floor, Francesco created the inner part of the entry, they both got pea gravel, which I leveled. Sharon and friends put the frame on the foundation for the last time. With help from various sources, I repaired and put many stained glass panels on the frame. Ecovillage Training Center people helped with everything from drainage to installation, during several work parties.

concretebolt positionsPhotos from May, 2004 show the foundation, frame, and outdoor workspace. To the left, looking south, volunteers use the dome frame to mark positions for tie-down bolts on the foundation form. To the right, looking north, Francesco Casini removes the form from the poured concrete foundation. Click either picture for enlargements and details. See a movie of the foundation from the inside.

Here is a scrapbook of the ongoing story, April 5-21, 2004.


The rest of this page is archival, covering the years 1970 through 2003.

Meet Albert Bates at the Ecovillage Training Center (ETC). Aside from numerous other responsibilities, Albert is on the Board of Directors of the Hippie Museum because he thinks its a good thing. He mentions hail, vandalism, and previous commitments as factors against Wholeo Dome at The Farm.


However, that doesn't stop him from telling others or others from saying definitely, "We want it". According to them, the questions would be exactly where to put the dome and how to cover costs. In April, 2004, the board resolved questions of safety related to climbing on the dome or broken glass. Albert came to the first work group: authorizing ETC volunteers, putting up the frame, and taking photographs. Thanks to him for opening doors to The Farm.

Details of preliminary information fall into these topics: site, workspace, foundation, and frame.


Here's a look at the first site considered, behind the school. However, we chose an area where Wholeo Dome is free-standing, close to the ground, to stay grounded, in front of the school, to the south. Here's a glimpse of  The Farm grounds, as seen at The Farm Experience weekend (September, 2003).


Preparing the dome for installation requires a workspace with storage.


Compare previous installations of Wholeo Dome as built directly on the ground and on a wooden perimeter supported by 2' posts.

at Harmony, on ground  

Next time, I'm thinking about something in between. It needs to be up for ventilation and away from mud. To keep to the original inspiration, Wholeo Dome should be quite close to the ground, so when within, colors surround you. See Foundation.


The frame section tells how to install Wholeo Dome's frame. There is a Wholeo Dome frame archive of notes on the creation and first three installations in the 1970s.

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