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Wholeo Dome foundation

Here is design for a simple foundation for Wholeo Dome (glass not shown). The basic considerations are to lift it up for ventilation, keep it as near as possible to floor level for immersion in color, support it well around the base, hold the frame down to prevent sidewise movement, drain water, and allow people in and out with minimal impact on the view. This design uses the ground for the floor.

The base of the dome frame has 30 hubs where strut ends meet and are bolted together. Each hub needs support. The drawing above shows a concrete or hempcrete block set in the ground under each of 28 hubs. The block is 8" in section and 16" long. It is set into a hole filled with gravel for drainage. This leaves two doors to be framed. One might be enough. If 8" of each block is above ground and if door height is four feet, then the door well needs to be excavated to 3'4" or 40 inches. Steps or a ramp are dug for the approach and steep stairs go up inside the dome. Earth anchors, maybe 7 or more, attach to the frame at intervals around the base to hold the dome down in place.

If the dome is located on a slope, raised more than 8" above the ground, or other considerations, each block is placed horizontally. Two or more blocks are stacked for 16" or more height. The stack is reinforced with rebar and solid fill through the hollow centers of the blocks. This would allow the earth anchors to be placed within block stacks and possibly serve as the rebar.

What about the floor?

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