Wide-angle view by Chuck Henrikson, 1976

outside dome

Wholeo, a dome of glass

Wholeo Dome is a constantly evolving project, currently called Wholeo Rising. Sponsored and led by Marilyn Harris, glass panels are repaired and a site for a clear enclosure is secured. The foundation is under construction. Fall 2017 is a recent update.

What is Wholeo, the stained glass dome? See the Wholeo page for a quick introduction and the latest Wholeo Dome intro (caution, several old links are broken). Go with the guide for details.

Wholeo thumbnail image Seeing Wholeo Dome out of the corner of your eye, you might think for a minute that it is a colorful spaceship. You decide to go into it to see for yourself. It is like walking into a stained glass window. You wrap yourself in intense colors that light up the interstices of the vast spaces between your atoms. Space becomes a rich experience of layered transparency, where your every move makes deep changes. Here are some comments, letter, article, extensions, and guide about the original installation of the Wholeo dome. Plus its location.

Where is it now? As of November, 2014, it is stored at The Farm in Tennessee, USA. A link in the Hippie Museum collection is a clue. See an intro list of links.

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