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Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo Dome guide, Wonder

Wonder had not far to wander from Aliceland to find Wholeo, the stained glass dome. It is the story of her life. Wondering, what is behind the design and the images? She is now a guide, telling the story of its rich imagery. The picture at the top of the page shows Alice as Wonder in her Overall Storage Block in the Essence of Being section in the north or back of Wholeo.

The icon to the right of the title shows the feeling of Wonder. The shape is the aura of the Wholeo symbol with a spinal vent. It appears on every Wholeo Dome guide page (it is a path).

For an introduction, see Wholeo Dome and the exhibit, with book, tour, history, color, and questions. See also the announcement of the guide and the location of the dome. Your guide to Wholeo Dome, Wonder, gives details, explores background, and shows more pictures.

The crop circle that figures in this graphic relates to the Essence of Being panels specifically. After finding these links, perhaps more will surface as time goes on.

The structure of Wonder's Overall Storage Block contains two tetrahedrons inside a cube with four Core Coils along the cube's diagonals. These features are intermediaries that help understand the nature of both the glass and related designs and ideas.

Wonder guides you to a view of each area in the all around view of Wholeo Dome. For orientation, you can spin around, seeing how the area relates to the whole dome. You can close the popup window if it gets in the way. Here is her starting point, the Essence of Being all around view. In case the Java applet doesn't work for you, at the bottom of the page, note a link to other viewers. For the animated guide pages, you need the Flash 5+ plugin.

To start, explore the design of Wholeo Dome. Then see the Arcs of Wholeo Dome. See these pages on the map: essence, magenta, above, sun path, aqua , and adept. If you don't see the map, and you have Flash plug-in, refresh page. If not, use text links or see below. Alternatively, see a full window map.

For the Wholeo Dome arc map, get flash icon Flash 3+ plug-in is required.

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