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Wholeo Online, announcements 1

The latest announcement is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 1 of the announcement pages. Each announcement is the overflow from a weekly note from a News and History page. It is for news that doesn't fit there. Announcements are more important or they just need more space to explain. The date here is a link back to the related heading in the News and History page.

See wholeOOnward, announcements 2 and announcements 3

2016-02-17 Updating movie presentations. Removing native QuickTime movie pages in favor of YouTube and Vimeo links. This breaks the policy of never removing content. I regret the loss to any external links. If the native QuickTime does not have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) alternative such as YouTube or Vimeo, I can show the movie by updating code to the HTML5 VIDEO element. I'm working back in time, leaving Flash and other movie formats for last.

Last week (2016-02-10) turned attention to broken pages and links on Changed links to World Wide Panorama entries to with a note that QTVRs need to be converted. Current browsers do not support QuickTime VR panoramas. If converting to HTML5 isn't practical, the plan is to view them in a QT 7 viewer, capturing the experience to a movie to replace the QTVR. See an example of movie replacing QTVR, shown with <video> element.

2013-05-22 The shift marked by the galactic beam of December 21, 2012, heralded changes in 2013. The Wholeo Symbol turned 90 degrees. The quarterly solstice and equinox events were renamed, starting with the Advance equinox (March). The structure of expanded consciousness, previously seen as an EIE, is now EIEnor, requiring extensive changes to

2012-10-24 QuickTime panoramas only play correctly in the Safari browser on my MacBook Pro with QuickTime 10.1. Worse are the QuickTime for the Web reference posters, that no longer work at all. Chrome and Firefox jerked with no flow until I learned to use my new mouse and trackpad. Flash panoramas play correctly in all three browsers except on the iPhone. C'mon folks, is it really productive for anyone to be at such odds with each other? It certainly frustrates this content provider.

2009-11-25 Publishing day changes from Thursday to Wednesday each week.

09-09-10 Become a fan of Wholeo on Facebook. Updates with new publishing of something really new.

Wholeo on Facebook is

09-05-21 Fixed another one of the broken QTVRs by recreating it in Flash. Noted conversion in the list below.

09-05-14 Fixed three of the broken QTVRs by recreating them in Flash. Will note conversions in the list below.

08-07-23 Flash 10 breaks several of my movies that test for Flash 5 and Flash 8 (at least on my Macintosh computer).

08-07-17 Once I learned of the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge I couldn't say no.

07-04-23 Why ending the war is pro-troop.

Note: QuickTime has disabled Flash tracks completely. This announcement makes the previous announcements obsolete. My QuickTime movies with Flash are now broken, but are still on

07-03-08 QuickTime 7.1.5 adds a good feature for movies with Flash tracks. If you have disabled Flash (for security reasons explained here), now a pop-up window allows you to enable Flash for a single trusted movie. You don't have to open preferences or remember to disable it. When you leave the movie, your Flash preference remains as it was before. This feature works with only some of the previous movies listed here. It doesn't work with some. Cause is unknown at this time. If I learn why, I'll announce it here.

QT Flash NOT2007-12-13 QuickTime 7.3.1 disables Flash tracks for security reasons. QT 7.1.3 disabled embedded QT Flash tracks by default. Previous versions enabled QT Flash tracks by default. You needed to "Enable Flash" in QuickTime settings to see and hear some of my movies correctly. I can assure you that QuickTime Flash graphics (version 5 or less) are harmless. I do not know what risk there is in enabling QT Flash tracks for other web sites. You choose. I give you How to set QuickTime and a list of movies that have Flash tracks.

How to set QuickTime (versions previous to 7.3.1)

In QuickTime, you need to open QuickTime preferences, called Plug-in Settings, Preferences, or Start/Control Panel. (Images are from Macintosh.)

  1. From the browser controller bar, click the right downward arrow, and choose "Plug-In Settings..."
    plug-in settings

  2. On the dialog that pops up, click "Advanced".
    Enable Flash

  3. Click the check box to Enable Flash.
  4. Restart the browser.
  5. Return or go to the movie page.

You only need to do this once unless you wish to keep QT Flash tracks disabled in general. For security, I suggest keeping Flash tracks disabled, except when visiting trusted sites. This is different from the MIME setting, Miscellaneous file format "Flash media". I haven't investigated that setting and it is not needed to see For more information and how to work with Windows, see the Apple Article ID: 304388 (it is about iTunes, which depends on QuickTime).

QuickTime Movies that have Flash Tracks

This is a list of movies containing Flash tracks. Some of these pages link to related movies with Flash tracks.

2006-02-09 Publishing dates change to ISO format. YYYY-MM-DD is the international standard for dates, making it readable and accurate for people and machines worldwide. If you are a web worker, linking to page anchors, they are in the form YY-M-D or YY-MM-DD. That is, in an anchor, the year is 2-digit, while the month and day has no leading zeros; the anchor for today is 06-2-9. I realize many American readers are not used to dates in this format, but their digital cameras will help them learn, storing photos in folders organized by year, month, and day.

April 21, 2005 Publishing day changes from Monday to Thursday. Also, a clarification of the status of Wholeo Dome. In 2004 I donated Wholeo Dome to The Farm School, a non-profit in Tennessee. It is their property. However, the gift was known to previously be part of the virtual collection of the Hippie Museum. The donation to the Hippie Museum was made by email to members of the board of directors. Their collection did not provide a physical museum. Thus the location is distributed. In a real Hippie Museum, there would be a virtual representation of Wholeo Dome. That status should be posted and formally acknowledged at The Farm. That would depend on the future of the Hippie Museum, which is not clear at present. This could be blogged too.

April 15, 2002 Wholeo guide, Wonder Announcing a guide section for Wholeo the topic and the dome. Although the dome was built in 1974, the story of the imagery awaits telling. Up until April, 2002, the Wholeo dome pages contained a short history, purpose, tour, Q&A, and book introducing the meaning and the images of Wholeo. In the late 1970s I wrote detailed explanations of each panel. Since then Wholeo has taught me more. Rational scrutiny and reflection have verified intuitive choices. The designs are closely related to insights of others at the time. The guide section is to help relate Wholeo to you, the web, and the rest of the world in the ongoing search for the whole self. (Or the Wholeo self.)

February 15, 1999 Move on helped the Senate vote to acquit President Clinton of impeachment charges. Now we can continue working for better government.

October 21, 1998 Wholeo Online is not focused on politics, but I'd like to spread this information. If you don't agree, just let it pass. Censure and Move On is a grassroots online communication for telling US government how we feel. This issue is about the current investigation into wrongdoing by President Clinton.

August 10, 1998 Eloorb or reach out Up to now, I've thought about and worked on the Elobeing, the vision of a a new species, evolved from human. I posted news of the new design wing, and planned to start regular publishing of work-in-progress. It is very hard to do. If I didn't want to publish each week, I could work on different parts of the project with no problem. However, today, I have something to show and tell. Suddenly I heard, "Zygote splits!!"

In biology, the zygote is the first be of a being. Two parents create it and soon it divides. That has been the equivalent state of the Elobeing. For about six years it has been gestating and now, the second dividing. Into four. Remember, this is all an inner vision. There are are no test tubes, cells, or practical concerns that might impact the environment. However, it does have a dynamic inner reality.

The two parts of the Elobeing were the mythical whole self and the ordinary self reality. In the split, part of the myth and part of the reality went to a new planet. The new planet is named ^elo^. The hat (^ or exponent sign) indicates a glottal sound that we could make on taking a breath in quickly, followed by "elo", and a sharp breath out. Saying the name of the planet properly is very energizing. The planet is located near the star Deneb in the constellation Cygnus.

Today's new work in Wholeo Online is dedicated to the four divisions of the Elobeing. These four parts are general categories. Since this is a work-in-progress, I can't predict the extent or fixed boundary of each category or even if they will continue to be meaningful.

  1. Earth reality
    Pictures of my family. This corner is the earth heritage. Flags, drums, marching feet, and flowers tossed in bouquets. This is a tribute to the roots of the evolution of the Elobeing.
  2. Earth myth
    Evolution takes form.
  3. ^elo^ reality
    Bar codes for the Elobeing, the first memory beads. In a human, memory beads are not the first thing, but the first Elobe bead is "Be", so it is prerequisite.
  4. ^elo^ myth
    Eloorb inverseAn ancestor came from the sky. A hero. An adventurer. It was the first Elobeing on ^elo^. See the myth, passage, and origin visions.

For more, see the ongoing story of Elobeing evolution.

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