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Wholeo Online, news and history 17

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Thursday to reload and see Wednesday's update. This is edition 17 for 2013. See 2014 news for News 18 edition 18. Links to previous editions are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 17, Weekly Images 14-16, Weekly Images 11-13, Weekly Images 8-10, or Weekly Images 1-7 and the Wholeo Blog.

2013-12-18 Outer Solstice lineup. Blogged, especially about the full moon launch of the GMM event.

2013-12-11 December Full Moon, on December 17 is the start of the Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis month-long event. Preparation for the Outer Solstice 2013 on December 21. Earthball.

2013-12-04 Added pages relating to images by C.G. Jung in his hand-painted and hand-written journal, The Red Book. The titles are not by Jung; they relate to Wholeo. Visualizing Meditation and C.G. Jung's Wholeo Symbol.

2013-11-27 Set your foot on a new trail for 2014.

2013-11-20 Finished the November Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis page. Blogged.

2013-11-13 Renee Holland's rooms. Updated the November Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis page. Slide show and gallery of a trip to Dowdell's Knob, Pine Mountain State Park, Georgia. Blogged.

2013-11-06 Eye of Gaia Creek Sky Catcher. Started a November Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis page in anticipation of the full moon on November 17.

2013-10-30 Hello Galaxy movie. Blogged.

2013-10-23 Started the Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event. SWCC Back to Nature Festival 2013, my view. Blogged and updated Geome Journal.

2013-10-16 Blogged with some external links about Wholeo Dome. Started work on Hello Galaxy!, a movie eventually to be part of the Galactic Beam Being saga.

2013-10-09 Finding pentagons in multidimensional dodecahedral space with the Galactic Beam in multiverse.

2013-10-02 Follow equinox is a Flash or QuickTime 360° panorama. Panoramic image of Deer Lake State Park from the first kiosk on the ramp. Updated Wholeo weB log.

2013-09-25 Created a Facebook page for Leo John Geary (21 years departed). Added a page, Richard Dunlap on letting go of Leo. Updates to the USA bike trip page.

2013-09-18 Updated blog. Added to Galactic Beam Being movie page. Added a short movie clip: Galactic Wholeopen.

2013-09-11 Added to Galactic Beam Being movie page. Updated Wholeo weB log. Updated Geome Journal with a link to Sirius star between day and night photo.

2013-09-04 One-minute movie is a study for Galactic Beam Being.

2013-08-28 Started a page for the crystal geode Geome Journal 2013.

2013-08-21 Added a photo to Leo Geary USA bike trip page (Teresa in mountains).

2013-08-14 Added a photo to Leo Geary USA bike trip page (John in mountains).

2013-08-07 Movie: Galactic Synchronization 2013.

2013-07-31 Galactic Synchronization stills, page 3. Galactic Sync Beam. Color afterimage & Albers, review. Blogged (back in regular blog which now includes the Peru blog too).

2013-07-24 More graphic stills for Galactic Synchronization movie based on guidance described starting on July 10 in blog of Peru shaman tour (which logs each day too or the main weB log 2013).

Wholeo symbol 2013 with shaman seed2013-07-17 Started a sub-weB log of weB log 2013 for the Via Illuminata Peru shaman tour which I'm following remotely. With that came an illuminated Wholeo symbol. Added a graphic "Study for galactic beam aura transformation" to stills for Galactic Synchronization movie.

2013-07-10 Worked extensively on weB log adding all the Peru tour, Mayan calendar and moon meditations through July 29. This is a personal season log with goal to update each day. Read up. Added R. Buckminster Fuller's view of earth, moon, sun and galaxy spiralinear paths to LookInOut 2013. Computer creativity jazzed, fractured and crashed Spirit Dancer. Stills for Galactic Synchronization movie.

2013-07-03 Inner solstice sunrise meditation movie on its own page and updated Inner solstice 2013. Added a tintype version of some carolyoga in Wholeo Dome, "Namaste". Updated ECMS page. Classic turtle crawl in Deer Lake State Park. Blogged, starting with updating the 6-26 entry.

2013-06-26 Updated Inner solstice 2013 page, putting 2012 events on its own page. Blogged.

2013-06-19 Five weeks until 7/25, celebrating a Day Out of Time. Time to review Shift 2013 changes through OwholeO inner binoculars. Updated LookInOut. Added Inner solstice page for the event at 05:04 UT on June 21. Blogged.

2013-06-12 Started EIEnor cross-references. 5 synergy. Added new boat pictures and book link to Mary Ellen White pages. Blogged.

2013-06-05 2013 Flash Color Healing generator based on EIEnor is here. It is connected to the geometry of consciousness and evolution, as in Shift Happens. Related pages have yet to be updated, developed and linked in.

2013-05-29 Developed a flat graphic of five brain cells in EIEnor geometry and a movie of an EIEnor model. Blogged.

2013-05-22 Started the EIEnor geometry page. Updated the Geometry page. Blogged. See Announcements.

2013-05-15 Updated the 80th birthday card with party invitation and menu for brunch. Blogged with process of learning about or designing a new structure of expanded consciousness. It is a new EIEnor that is replacing the previous EIE that is 33 years old. If you like following the process of discovery, view the blog. If not, wait for a mature presentation.

2013-05-08 Art in Florida: on the occasion of an 80th birthday card.

2013-05-01 Deer lichen found atop Battery Worth at Fort Pickens National Park on April 4.

2013-04-24 Two-minute video trailer of Panhandle Trace Hike in Vimeo or YouTube versions. Blogged.

2013-04-17 Hand is out of service for this week so am doing minimal typing. Here is Caroling Wholeo Amazon profile with 11 reviews, the last one is of my sister Mary Ellen White's book about her great around-the-world sailing adventure: At Less Than Walking Speed. Trying out Moot Wholeo Forums, please comment. Blogged. Tinkered with the PTH pages although the movie is on hold and the reports aren't done.

2013-04-10 Sub-blogged on the Panhandle Trace Hike (PTH) for finishing it. See the adventure.

2013-04-03 Sub-blogged on the Panhandle Trace Hike for today and yesterday, Day 5 of the adventure.

2013-03-27 Blogged. Things are moving fast, including an idea to change the Wholeo new year start to the Advance equinox. Galaxy People elementals. Resumption of daily color healing generation. Under Travel ... FNST ... Adventures: Sub-blog for the Panhandle Trace Hike. Started Facebook page for the Panhandle Trace Hike.

2013-03-20 Advance equinox 2013 at 11:02 UTC. Shift Happens 2013, a movie. Mystsynthesis. Blogged.

2013-03-13 More Images from Shift Happens 2013, the movie still in progress.

2013-03-06 Discovered Wholeo symbol and MET form in David LaPoint video: Primer Fields. Added Shift Happens 2013 studies. Blogged.

2013-02-27 Meditation blanket frequencies. Started FTA Panhandle Trace Hike 2013 pages.

2013-02-20 Enhanced the Dieterich Spahn visit and Cosmic Juice cross-reference pages. Added HTML5, iOS alternatives to Flash movies on some pages. Started a LookInOut 2013 page for Connections. Updated Deer Lichen timeline. Blogged.

2013-02-13 Minnesota Travel - Dieterich Spahn visit starting with two videos about patterns in his art and connections in our lives.

2013-02-06 Having a Ball at the Liberty Science Center in NJ. Updated Vajra and added Vajra Vision, from 2007 journal when Mel Geary died.

2013-01-30 Hike AT (Appalachian Trail) at High Point State Park, New Jersey July 29, 2012.

2013-01-23 Mystsynthesis 1978: Laeh's Color Healing Energy Breathing drawing. Mystsynthesis 2013: Lookout. Images from Shift Happens 2013 movie in progress. Blogged.

2013-01-16 Updated Eartha, the elegant earthball, with a Jan. 15 photo. Blogged. LookInOut 2013 and Lumia, Spirit Guide image from the unfinished movie.

2013-01-09 Elegant earthball. Shift Happens 2013, a work in progress, was also Lookout 2013. Blogged.

2013-01-02 2013 weB log updating end of 2012 entries, scrolling up through to today. Silicon Graphics, Inc. "Grok-It Science" memories.

Wholeo symbol, small 2012-12-26 The Wholeo Online year starts with the solstice. This year it was on December 21, 2012. Welcome to edition 17, year 17. Shift happens. Shifted symbol. New 2013 weB log with solstice entries in the 2012 weB log. New season page for Year 2013.

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