EIEnor Model from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

EIEnor movie of model

The movie above shows five cubes each with two inner tetrahedrons expanded together in an EIEnor. If you prefer, see the movie on YouTube.

EIEnor modelThe 3D model shows a limited view of the surface.

My current understanding is that the brain cells maintain their physical locations while virtually expanding together for synergy. The weB log entries for x and y explore this idea.

The background graphic shows an array of brain cells in cross section to see the Information Storage Blocks (cubes) surrounded by twirls of Incoming Sensations nestled in tubelets wound into Spheres of the Emotions. To see the genesis of these graphics follow Wonder into the brain in Aliceland.

See EIEnor and EIEnor flat. There are two pages with flat nets for 3D model-making. Make a small EIEbing with EIEnor core or a large EIEnor with Information Block vibes.


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