Facing radiance
C.G. Jung, The Red Book, Image 169

Visualizing Meditation with Jung

"Facing Radiance" is the title I gave to the last large painted image by C.G. Jung in his journal, The Red Book. The translation of Jung's text is on page 321. The relevant part is: "Few grasp my tower, since it stands on a high mountain. But many will see it / and not grasp it. Therefore my tower will remain unused. No one scales its smooth walls. No one lands on its pointed roof. Only he who finds the entrance hidden in the mountain and rises up through the labyrinths of the innards can reach the tower, and the happiness of he who surveys things from there and he who lives from himself."

Looking at the image, I see the blue arced sphere as enlightenment or bliss or Galactic Beam Being or even simply, awareness. The faces show all parts of a self and various perceptions of the whole. Visualizing is not part of meditation, but it can be in remembering meditation.

See a medium or large size version of the image.

See also Jung's Wholeo Symbol and Visionary Meditation.

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