Crystal mudra

See description of this meditation hand position, with crystal

Visionary Meditation

For me, Visionary Meditation (VM) is related to meditation, channeling, and art.

I need the stillness, posture, ritual and other contexts of meditation.

Yet I open myself as described in channeling with full use of ego and thoughts that are part of being an earthling but not appropriate in meditation.

For an artist, meditative channeling opens consciousness, which pours forth images, color, scenes, relationships, ideas beyond the wildest imaginings, also not useful in meditation. In a sense, if meditation is vertical, a visionary variety is horizontal. If meditation is at zero point, visionary meditation is freely tripping, traveling near and far. If meditation is allowing connectedness, visionary meditation is exploring awareness of connections.

I admit that none of these processes is pure. For years I have not clearly distinguished different kinds of meditation. It is a question of emphasis. The best things in life are free.

2014-12-30 Important point for visionary meditation, I close my eyes, because I need a screen for the visions. I'm aware that my right toe is pushing on my bootie and I'm not quite centered on my cushion, but once I get started, I live with it, don't try to adjust position, which is never perfect. Became aware of scoliosis stack of bones in spine, S shape. So I mentally reversed the S. Find I have a lovely green, ivy-like spine. Blue beads.

Happy to be here. Just as easy to be with Elobeing. Self conscious. Thinking about VM different from doing it. Big blank. Then I see white orbs, no, drops of light, like bird consciousness with black surrounding fringes. They sound like those cannon fireworks (or remind me of the sound). They blink in and out of this reality. Blinking beacons. Writing this, so reminded of the devas I saw and drew, near Peru time. I can arrange myself on them for structure. Wow.

I have Geome in my left hand. It seems there's an equal something in my right hand. But I don't think there is anything there. Feels just as physical and just as weighty. Initial thought is: grasping. Grasping nature.

2015-09-19 In visualization mode, I record, lest I forget valuable insights. It could be opening eyes to write and draw impressions. It could be talking out loud in stream of consciousness to the video camera, always on. Or it could be a mental note to remember in journal work after meditation.

In ordinary meditation mode, there is nothing to record, no separation, no distinctions.

Visualizing Meditation with Jung.

City of Light over Sedona

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