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Geome Crystal

Visionary Meditation - City of Light

Sedona, AZ. I joined this Facebook event, a global meditation to support galactic consciousness, "Actualization of the City of Light Over Sedona". Practicing visionary meditation, I recorded my experiences. Talking to my camera. Here's what I said.


At 11:05 started meditation for 11 minutes. Lit sage. Smudged myself, my surroundings, my crystal Geome, my turquoise from the area, and my Zen meditation bell as well as ethereal congreants and the intention of the healing event from the solstice to the new year. Rang the gong.

Immediately got lightning strikes emanating from the city of light over Sedona consciousness or gathered awareness. The thin, jaggedy lines were like what comes from the Tesla balls of energy.Liquid Starlight of the Mind That gave way to a pinkish lavender light that I came to recognize is liquid starlight of the mind context. That is without the golden channels of liquid. Just a brighter centering. My whole body, all cells brought to this attention and intention of being a galactic channel. Lots of Elobeing action. Entertained the idea that the city was made up of people and it was a consciousness event so it was not city building in a physical sense but consciousness city construction. I saw an Elobeing torus kind of like a shower cap, gathering light. Maybe thoughts of light? I was so happy to be associated with this event.


At 11:11 settled to build light city over Sedona. Sage smudge. Saw green, galaxy green pale centering color today. Felt like some kind of ectoplasm building going on. Remembered the dragonfly energy communion when we were there. Huge thing about the torus and the spine. That they are actually the same thing. Kundalini connects too. The galaxy can be seen as a spine. The amplituhedron spine can be seen as a torus. Maybe it is akin to light being both a particle and a wave.


11:11 manifest city of light over Sedona. Started out settling into an olive color, which began to pulsate, like a tennis ball coming at me, but disappearing revealing the shadowed white wall. That changed to more of a horizontal but the main feature was the crystalline spectrum kind of kaleidoscopic visions. Not sure what the imagery was but the rainbow crisp colors were gorgeous. Do not know how I could come up with those so it remains a possibility that they were channeled. The color had changed to a pink at the end. And the spectrums, the crystalline colors were gone.


11:11 manifest city of light over Sedona. Roots. The deeper down my roots, the farther up the crowning of the city of light Sedona. It's kind of like a spine torus thing. Somehow at the deepest roots, the highest vibes are connected.

I feel like the more balanced I am on my seat, the more balanced my meditation is going to be. When I was slanted to the right, I felt like I wasn't going to get as good information on my left. Now I feel perfect.

I meditated in the center. I knew the crystal was above and the roots below. I just meditated in between. Then I picked up Geome as a teacher and felt love. It is love and the crystals that create the crystalline city. It was so intense and flavored all the time after that. At one point I thought I should do a selfie. That was a complete distraction. Had nothing whatsoever to do with this. There was so much more.

I needed to hold the crystal so that it was equally in both hands, even though it was cupped in my right. I didn't want that emphasis. I wanted them to be superimposed. The only way I could do that was raise them to right in front of my navel until I felt completely balanced.


11:11 Thinking of Sedona. Thinking of the dragonfly connection. How connection is to the living part of the dragonfly. When its body dies, the living part leaves. I don't understand it. But I'm led to believe that my living part, having contacted its living part are bonded. They are not separate. So I can be close there in that time and place and call upon the builders to make the city.

I think these global meditations are an essential web. I'm seeing a spiral curling in. I put my crystal down for a minute. Imagine you took your left hand and curled your fingers up. Took right hand and curled fingers down. Locked right fingers into left. Those curling energies curled in, coming from the arms. They also came out. Sort of turbulence all over between our selves and our waking up.

I pick up the crystal again. A new meditation position. Crystal in left palm. Right palm is below. Knuckles of both hands aligned. The thumbs, instead of crossing over, meet flesh part to flesh part, making a mosque top shape.

I'm not sure what this means but seems like of all the crystals that earth has made, that we chip away at, the vast majority is within the earth. I can actually put this crystal down so it can more fully relate to earth. Crystalline city is a standing wave? Is like a reverberation. It's like an octave. Say the vibrations within the earth are magnified by our intention. That targeting over a certain place causes space, like a dish reception. It's like a repeater (electronic signals). I see it as blue. Ultravioletness. Umm. Thank you.


11:11 Smudge this whole year. Cleanse the whole old year. Welcome to the new year.

Here's to the candles' solid risen light. Candle light where the light goes up with the smoke. Sparks sometimes go up. Here this whole light is just streaming up. Streaming out. The bottom of the City of Light looks like the top of my crystal with little candle lights going into it all over. Illuminating the crystal with our wishes.

“May the longtime sun shine on you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you. Guide your way home.“ Sing the song. Thank you 3Ho and Mike Heron. Thank you all the songwriters and yogis of all time. Which makes me cry. The tears fall down on the City of Light and the light below steams up the tears and sends them up as steam of caring and wishful hope that tears are transformed into dry.

Seeing all these sacred mountains. Thinking of Mt. Fuji, mountains in Bolivia by Lake Titicaca. Mt. Shasta. Matrix. Mt. Cook. Mt. Everest where all our friends have died, to be high. Thinking of the snow on the highest mountains. Like our quartz sand on our beaches. Thinking of all the crystals in earth forming light in the dark. Thinking of all the crystalline thoughts of the people gathered today. In their dark hearts and ways. None of us pure. All of us actually pure and holding sacred this work which is pure crystal light.

You know what's pure crystal light is found in the edge of breaking ocean waves. They travel along, just as an ocean wave. Then something on the bottom, a change in the bottom lifts it up and the wave comes up. Then it falls back on itself, laughs in bubbles. In those bubbles are rainbows that look like crystal light, sun, moon and stars.

Seeing the smudging smoke from the sage bouncing between the moon and the sun, smudging the whole earth. Light aspirations, like building an earth aura over Sedona. Smudging our vision. I feel like a compass needle floating in some liquid, free way.

I ask of all the people at parties tonight. With twirling banners and kissing each other for the new year. I'm asking that all this goodwill be put into the the crystalline City of Light over Sedona.

On January 1, 2015 I missed the last meditation for this event.

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