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Wholeo Online, news and history 10

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. Refresh this window each week on Friday to reload and see Thursday's update. This is edition 10. See 2007 news for News 11, edition 11. Links to previous editions are at the end. Alternatively, see Weekly Images 8-10 or Weekly Images 1-7.

2006-12-14 B2N06: Forest Walk Painting, video.

2006-12-7 B2N06: Pt. Washington State Forest walk, an introduction.

2006-11-30 B2N06: Animal Ambassador, short video of fox and children at the Back to Nature Festival intro evening.

2006-11-23 Back to Nature Festival, Oct 20-22, 2006. Called B2N06.

2006-11-16 Election 2006.

2006-11-09 Photo of a dead Wood duck at Deer Lake State Park.

2006-11-02 Come to think of it, there's lots more to the Color Healing Generator - EIE Circular, introduced last week. Some of it is in a menu: Color Healing Stones, palette, and draggable runesign graphics are now available. Hover captions name the nodes.

2006-10-26 Color Healing Generator - EIE Circular is phase 3, an advanced layout for color and rune casting, with two new nodes.

2006-10-19 A painting by Carol Hoorn Fraser named "Spring Girl".

2006-10-12 Photos from the St. Joseph Bay Preserves Center festival. Also a description of Manifest Evolution.

2006-10-05 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, final movie.

2006-09-28 Added motifs and how to to the World Wide Panorama event, Rubber Hits the Wood.

2006-09-21 Rubber Hits the Wood, a QuickTime VR (QTVR) panorama for the World Wide Panorama September equinox 2006 event.

QT Flash NOT2006-09-13 QuickTime 7.1.3 disables embedded Flash tracks by default. Previous versions enabled Flash by default. You need to enable Flash to see some movies at For details, see the announcement {linked to 2007 update} .

2006-9-7 JFK/Rock and Roll, the complete screen of four panels, a painting commemorating the funeral of the president, John F. Kennedy, 1964.

2006-8-31 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, continuation of a movie - assimilating aura crystalized by Galaxy People.

2006-8-24 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, continuation of a movie - in the light of the full moon the Galaxy People crystalize. Added Wholeo Symbol to the credits for the work-in-progress.

2006-8-17 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, continuation of a movie - Splumes congregate, heralding the coming of the Galaxy People. Adding to a work-in-progress. Belatedly published Wholeo's 2006 entry to Prix Ars Electronica. It was prepared in March of this year.

2006-8-10 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, continuation of a movie - pouring water into the glass. Adding to a work-in-progress.

2006-8-3 Virtual-Residency project - Manifest Evolution, start of a movie including the heart fountain. Adding to a work-in-progress.

2006-07-27 Virtual-Residency project - Heart Fountain animation. Adding to a work-in-progress.

2006-07-13 Visions for Virtual-Residency project and Thank Water project. A work-in-progress.

global warming flag2006-07-06 Photo of tree roots in New Jersey.

2006-06-29 Added panoramas to last week's New Jersey pictures: Little Green Corner panorama, small or large. Added a Lookout 2006 - Climate page.

2006-06-22 Travel in New Jersey, a little green corner, a garden in the Garden State.

2006-06-15 Art in Monte Rio, CA, Dark Flecks series of three pastel drawaings, 1979.

2006-06-08 Art in Monte Rio, CA, Parmenides Atomic Radiation Yoga, pastel drawing.

2006-06-01 Art in Monte Rio, CA, Birth of a Vibe, pastel drawing, 1974.

2006-05-25 Art in New York City, 1964, "JFK/Rock and Roll", panel 4 of a screen painting commemorating the funeral of the president.

2006-05-18 Art in Staten Island, NY, "Brain Cell Interior", an oil painting.

2006-05-11 Art in Monte Rio, CA, an event called "To Change the World", 1981.

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2006-05-04 Art in NY, Manhattan, a triptych, screen painting.

2006-04-27 Art in Monte Rio, Mt. Shasta Inversed.

2006-04-20 Reminder of a matrix for coloring an egg.

2006-04-13 Emeraldiest view ever of the Gulf of Mexico at the beach at Deer Lake State Park, FL.

2006-03-30 "Soulscape of Caroling", an artwork by Melva Blick added to the gallery of art by others.

2006-03-23 Borders, a World Wide Panorama entry for the March equinox called "Between sundial and Xtals: intent".

2006-03-16 Pelican returning to dust.

2006-03-09 Simply some waves at Deer Lake State Park, FL.

2006-03-02 FILE art entry, Lights of Mind, Blessings, a Flash movie.

2006-02-23 Elobeing Traces to EIE all includes all the previous four clips in the series, updated plus credits. See photos of a local candlelight vigil of a national event protesting presidential power and illegal wire-tapping.

2006-02-16 Added the fourth in the Elobeing Traces series, To EIE Peek. Also A Healing Dream, dreamwork that was printed in WomanSpirit magazine in 1978.

2006-02-09, February 9 2006 New page on Seaside, Florida, starting with Stalking the Seaside Sundial. Announcement: changing page dating format to ISO standard. That is, YYYY-MM-DD; today is 2006-02-09. From now on, new and updated pages will be in this form.

February 2 2006 Added the third in the Elobeing Traces series, Forming Banners.

January 26 2006 Created an introduction to Elobeing Traces and changed links for January 5-19 to open the intro page with images showing how the movie looks with the Flash 8+ plug-in. Added poster for Visions class, and works by participants, late 1970s.

January 19 2006 Added a page, Elobeing traces come, with more sound, that loads from the previous page in the series. {Note, this link changed from the original movie page to an introduction. Images show how the movies should look if you have the Flash 8+ plug-in.}

January 12 2006 Added sound and extended visions of Elobeing traces musing. {Note, this link changed from the original movie page to an introduction. Images show how the movies should look if you have the Flash 8+ plug-in.} Updated Toward the Holomorph, related idea with Google Earth map link.

January 5 2006 Elobeing traces generate. {Note, this link changed from the original movie page to an introduction. Images show how the movies should look if you have the Flash 8+ plug-in.} A photo of Leo Geary and John Penny while climbing Mt. Whitney in 1989. Entering the New Year with the WWP entry.

December 31 2005 Worldwide Panorama: Best of 2005 at Caroling Geary of is one of 305 VRtists participating, from around the world.

December 29 2005 Images of stairs at Deer Lake State Park, near Blessings Beach. Added Full Screen version of Earth sky at night (click on link on page).

December 22 2005 Images at Blessings Beach. Started the 2006 Season page with a New Year's 0 hour meditation link. Updated the Akashic record index, Color Healing, Color port options with Java applets.

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