Art in Monte Rio - drawing, Parmenides Atomic Radiation Yoga

The writing on the drawing is self-explanatory. The corners of the drawing illustrate four steps in the text.


After yoga, I made contact with Parmenides, a spirit guide. He showed me red on right and blue on left. He asked that I mix the colors. At last I did. Yellow and green and white flooded my inner being. This is irradiation with WHOLENESS, with the ONE. He encouraged me to use atomic radiation as nourishment.

I am not aware of any prior knowledge of Parmenides. I have no background in Greek studies. However, an Internet search reveals him to have been a mystic who channeled truth from a goddess, serving as precedent for my transmission.

yoga steps The pastel with ink drawing centers on a tiny MET body around the numbers of the four steps.

step 3, red and blue mixed The former sides of blue and red each slightly dominate their mix.

step 4, close upstep 4, whole light The tiny forming spheres of whole light almost seem propelled by the color synergy.

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