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Wholeo Online, news and history 3

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 3. See year 2000 News for News 4, edition 4. Links to previous editions are at the end.

Dec 20, 1999 Newly published art book, Poems Between Leo and Mama. Cut tissue paper and colored pencil, from 1963.

Dec 13, 1999 A Flash movie, Around and Up, flying between the Two Thumbs peaks, New Zealand.

Dec 6, 1999 Expanding the Wholeo exhibit with photos and description of the Breathe In panel.

Nov 29, 1999 New pooling art on the vision quest, with additions to these pages: Minnesota, Carol Hoorn Fraser, and Leo Geary's "Moonlight Bather". A start on energy traces in New Zealand.

Nov 22, 1999 Finished the Light Body book improvement started last week. Added an oil painting called Grand Central. December solstice is simply color, hold it or spin it from the eye of Gaia.

Nov 15, 1999 Added full-size and medium graphics to the Light Body book. Updated personal page for better access to family pictures. Animated color ground altar.
Nov 8, 1999 Wholeo symbol reemerges in Flash smoothness (replaced in 2013). In logos (see the graphic), copyright badges, and a better description of what it is all about.

Nov 1, 1999 More vision results (5) for the September 1999 equinox.

Oct 25, 1999 More vision results (4) for the September 1999 equinox.

Oct 18, 1999 More vision results (3) for the September 1999 equinox. Also, vision of Oriana.

Oct 11, 1999 More vision results (2) for the September 1999 equinox.

Oct 4, 1999 More vision results (1) for the September 1999 equinox.

Sep 27, 1999 Vision results for the September 1999 equinox, an online celebration of a ritual space (introduction).

Sep 20, 1999 September 1999 equinox, happening in a couple of days. With a little imagination, you can join in.

Sep 13, 1999 Vision Quest with QuickTime and Flash. Requires QuickTime 4. Cook Strait crossing by Jim Wafer, flying a paramotor, broadcasting live pictures to the web, starting when the weather is right.

Sep 6, 1999 September 1999 equinox, continued.

Aug 30, 1999 September 1999 equinox, a sneak peek into vision questing and web virtual reality multimedia encounter. Dividing out awareness at the Noint Joint (Flash). Altar for planet ^elo^ of star Deneb. Map pointer added to Lookout/Lookin panorama.

Aug 23, 1999 Color healing with a new look. Also experimenting with multiviews of a color port. Sister, Mary White, publishes.

Aug 2, 1999 The SuperCard path has links to images and projects made with my favorite program. Allow two or three weeks vacation.

July 26, 1999 Scruffrug online links all of the storyrug appearances at Wholeo Online, this website. Added link from Caroling page to life plan, with a final ceremony.

July 19, 1999 Valentine step 6, the final step on the rite of passage, wedding.

July 12, 1999 Valentine step 5 on the way to the rite of passage, engage.

July 5, 1999 Kriya Yoga, a "comic" style book previously published in 1979.

June 28, 1999 On the solstice (see last week), visions of colors stream through the Gaia Point gateway. It is for Wrinkle 7, featured on a list of wrinkles (global immersive imaging projects).

candle top

June 21, 1999 Art work in progress on the solstice. Bringing the outer gateway to the Gaia Point of Pangaea.

June 14, 1999 Valentine step 4 on the way to the rite of passage, facing it.

June 7 1999 Scruffrug stories. Celebration information for the June solstice.

May 31, 1999 Symbolic access to the Akashic Record. A short short story, Scruffrug meets Magma. A poem, Birth night.

May 24, 1999 INSIGHT machine, a specification for channeling vibrations by automatic drawing. A drawing by Eula Long in the newly opened Art Gallery. Valentine step 3 on the way to the rite of passage, zooming in. (Late, due May 14.)

May 17, 1999 June solstice immersive imagery celebration. 5 Whole Light Beings (WLBs). This is a record of the original 5WLB contact for me. There are chakra healings, mudras, and commandments.

May 3, 1999 A few new altars made of shower drops. No upload on May 10 due to vacation.

Apr 26, 1999 My entry exhibit to Prix Ars Electronica, a world-class competition, by invitation.

Apr 19, 1999 Pick a guide to the akasha to get in touch with lost parts of yourself.

Apr 12, 1999 Valentine step 2 on the way to the rite of passage, Union. (Early, due Apr 14.)

Apr 5, 1999 Elobeing, 2nd set of memory beads.

Mar 29, 1999 Lost and Found EIE revisited, equinox Wrinkle in Time, March 1999.

Mar 22, 1999 Mountain Goats, a poem by Leo Geary. cushionMarch equinox pages, still good, leading to cave climb, entrance with waterfall reflections, and ocean tides. Lookout 2000 vision addition, a 3D spinnable globe (QTVR).

Mar 15, 1999 Valentine step 1 on the way to the rite of passage, Union. Get ready for the equinox.

Mar 8, 1999 See the Leo Geary splashing rainbow photo with moving reflections.

Mar 1, 1999 Akasha Color healing port. Using immersive imagery, you follow color transformations into the Akashic Record.

Feb 22, 1999 Color healing port. A round space appears before the stars, full of color for you to spin within.

Feb 15, 1999 Starting Valentine's Day, February 14, a 6-month rite of passage, Union. Moved Move on off the front page thanks to President Clinton's acquittal. See announcements.

Feb 8, 1999 Quintessential brain cell . Another look at cube to EIE transitions and five cubes in EIE.

5D brain cellFeb 1, 1999 Intro to 5 brain cell synergy. A thought of the week (or year :-)).

Jan 25, '99 Evolving brain cell geometry.

Jan 18, '99 The art of wind: I enhanced some Leo Geary photographs. Improved missing link QTVR studies.

Jan 11, '99 Improved missing link studies. More noise in a portrait of Caroling, hyper-Christmas colors, and a rain of color.

Jan 4, '99 Studies and sketches of geometry models of the elusive yet tantalizing missing link between ordinary and expanded consciousness. On the lighter side, 'Computer noise, is it alive?' -- simple graphics.

Dec 28, '98 Solstice Gateway of Dreams movies. Solstice color healing movie.

Dec 21, '98 This is the start of the Wholeo Online year. Welcome to edition 3, year 3. It starts with the solstice. Also there's a significant find for the missing link. It is about structures of consciousness. The link is visions of the transformation between ordinary and expanded consciousness.

News 2, edition 2 . 1998 News Nov 9, 1997 - Dec 14, 1998
News 1, edition 1 . 1997 News Feb 14 - Nov 2
See also, announcements.

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