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Transition, studies of the missing link

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Before the missing link is a brain cell. See it as a cube with two tetrahedrons inside. After the link is an expanded brain cell. See it as an icosidodecahedron (20 triangles and 12 pentagons) with 5 associated cubes.

To understand why they are as they are, see this introduction. These pages are subdivided so the download for most pages is under 100 KB. If you don't want to view a QuickTime movie, you can see the art in the graphics and imagine what it would be like wrapped around you.

  • 1 Movie-- spheres of the missing link (under 200KB).
  • 4 Graphics --flayed forms, with spheres (11 separated on 100KB pages)
  • 5 Graphics -- primary colors (8 separated on 100KB pages)
  • 6 Graphics -- more primary colors (6, 100KB)
  • 7, Movies -- primary colors (3 separated on 150KB to 190KB pages)
  • 7a, Movie from VE over spheres to primary colored icosahedron. (600KB)
  • 8, Graphics from movies (2 graphics, 50KB)
  • 9, Graphics storyboard for QTVR multinode movie (11, separated)
  • 10, QTVR movies of the whole process, combining primary colors with spheres (13 small, separated)
  • 11, Graphics -- Cube and EIE exteriors (4 GIF graphics, 20KB)

These pages are associated with the geometry section on the problem of the missing link page. These pages have new material and improved access to the same art as the original sketch and study pages.

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