Transition, studies of the missing link #0-5 Primary Colors

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Before the missing link is a brain cell.

Pale colors, graphics related to the icosahedron, transitioning from the missing link process.

Bold colors, graphics related to the dodecahedron, finalizing the missing link process of expanded consciousness.

  1. icosaClr -- ghostly rbyw triangles after jitterbug
  2. icosaDodeca -- rbyw triangles with 6 great circles
  3. icosaDoceca2Frames -- icosa and dodeca outlines with 6 great circles and rbyw triangles and empty EIE
  4. icosaDodecaFrame -- 6 great circles wtih colored triangles
  5. dodecaClrIcosaFrame -- rby dodecahedral pentagons, 12 of them, overlay of icosahedron outline
  6. EIEclrIcosaFrame -- rbyw EIE, overlay of icosahedron outline
  7. dodecaClr -- rby dodecahedral pentagons
  8. EIEclr -- rbyw EIE

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