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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. According to Buckminster Fuller, when something manifests locally in our consensus universe, that something is a tetrahedron. That is, it pops out from the undivided on its way to division into icosahedral complexities. That tetrahedron has a twoness about it, an inside and an outside, so it is not really one.

open cube It takes two tets to make a cube. First I'll show the cube - in special ways. You are inside the cube. It is your cube, your surround. To do this I need a round space, where you can turn, look up and down and all around. Here are 3 cylindrical QTVRs. 1. Cube outline. 2. Cube with three sets of opposing faces: red, yellow, and blue. (This is the one on this page.) 3. Cube with a circle ringing each set of opposing faces: orange, green, and purple.

In 2008, go inside a Duo-Tet Color Cube. In 2016 below is an exterior view of the color cube.

Click to pause and play movie. For Full Screen, click icon to right

Note: The original QTVR movie is obsolete, replaced with a standard, non-interactive version in 2016.

Isn't it lovely being digitized as a JPEG graphic, but presenting a cube in analog gradual color changes? Can a cube exist outside of math without a visible surface?

See QuickTime for information and a listing of all the QTVRs here.

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