Inside a Duo-Tet Color Cube

cube to duo-tet The graphic above from the outside shows Alice in a cube looking into part of a space inside a web safe 216 color cube holding sketchy tetrahedrons. Two interpenetrating tetrahedra comprise the Duo-Tet Cube, as described by Buckminster Fuller. Duo-Tet is short for double tetrahedron. To see the colors on a duo-tet, roll over the cube graphic to the right or see this page.

To be in the space there is a choice of panoramic VR movies (interactive, 3D): WWP (online, best). Applet, Flash, or QuickTime.

In the panorama the outlines of the color cube are gray. The outlines of one tetrahedron are white. The outlines of the other tetrahedron are black. Each tetrahedron has four faces. Each face has a distinctive texture: swirl, dot, slash or star and is numbered in the center as 1, 2, 3, or 4. I hope to create a "Find the tetrahedrons" page with instructions how to do so. You need to zoom out and pan carefully, while looking for an overall pattern. Then imagine the label in the middle of the triangular face.


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