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Duo-tet in cube colors

visible colors Actual color

Colors from the color cube apply to the duo-tet within. The colors appear on the visible parts of the two overlapping tetrahedrons. To make a model, open the page-size layout. Print using photo paper at 720dpi for clear colors. If using office paper, mount on cardboard for stiffness. The steps are cutting, folding, taping, and building shown below. To see how it looks, go to the last photo at the bottom of the page or see an object movie. See also the color cube model or this page.


cutting tets apart Cut down the center. cutting tet parts Cut around left side for base tet. Cut right side in four parts for small tets.


folding tet Crease folds of tets. fold four small tets The left side has triangle points in red, green, blue (RGB) and white, which is the base tet. Fold back along the three lines between the big triangles. Each small tet is made of four equal-sized triangles. A center triangle is surrounded by three othens. Fold back along the three lines between the triangles. Repeat for each of four small tets.


taping tet Tape edges together. taping small tets To form the base tet, tape three faces together. To form a small tetrahedron, tape the edges together (three seams). Repeat for three other small tetrahedrons.


double-sided tape Locate tet position. match points Find a small tet triangle with solid color and a letter. On base tet match color of lower triangle apex, for example green to green. Match letters in small upper triangles of base and small tet. The letters are C, M, Y, K corresponding to the colors of the tips of the large tet created by four small tets (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). Use double-stick tape or glue to attach small tet to base tet.

secure tet extension Add all four tets. completed mode For stability and strength, you can tape the edges or corner joints between small tetrahedrons on the outside.

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