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The World Wide Panorama (WWP) is an ongoing, global series of events taking place four times a year. Each event until June, 2009 was based on QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies. After that, Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime (QT) and HTML 5 formats were supported. These movies are called immersive imaging since the panoramas look all around and often up and down. You click the picture and drag to whirl in any direction plus zoom in and out. Each solstice and equinox, panorama producers, also called panographers, present movies on a theme.

WWP entries appear in different parts of Wholeo Online. Items added to the list go to the top, so the entries go back in time. The last entry on the list is the oldest. Each item has a date: event theme, and linked entry title.

NOTE: In 2016 please see http://www.worldwidepanorama.org/worldwidepanorama/wwppeople/html/CarolingGeary.html for my panoramas. Web browsers no longer work with my QuickTime panoramas and their pages. I am working on conversion. I deleted four entries with object movies from the WWP server.

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