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Sanctuary 4: December solstice, 2004 (QTVR)

From December 17-21, 2004 I look into this sanctuary for inspiration for the final creation. I take part in a World Wide Panorama (WWP) event where photographers around the world shoot and create their chosen sanctuary, as a QTVR movie.

It starts with the a natural panoramic view of the forest as in Sanctuary 1. Spirits congregate, as they begin to do in Sanctuary 2, the tryst and more fully in Sanctuary 3. On December 19, asking for solstice guidance, I again photograph the sanctuary. Here is the result.

Facing the sun, aligned with and beaming messages from the stars in the center of the galaxy, enter broad arches of color. Circling counter-clockwise, escorted by Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (BMW) Colored Light Beings (CLBs) as a crowd of discs, let your bare feet sink in the white crystal sand, rooted with pine needles and Reindeer moss (deer lichen) as is the beach and forest all about. Pause to breathe deeply the sea-fresh breezes, circulating rainbow energy within your entire being. Along with Caroling's shadow, raise gaze to the sparkling sphere of Mamagua, protectress of these gulf shores. Passing the watry drop of Ester, spirit of nearby Eastern Lake, come to dance with a guardian appearing like an ancient Shiva Nataraja. On the one hand drumming the creation of the world; on the other hand flaming its destruction, lift your foot, enlightened. Although the net of the unknown waves chaos in the shadows, return by spectral arc to the sunlight filtered through the growth, reverently honoring the galactic source about which we turn.

The sound is Wind Harp music by Greg Joly, web site:

Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). See a Full-Screen and resizable version of this panorama (2 MB). The solstice Sanctuary leads into the new year. It is the first entry of News, History Edition 9.

About the panorama

Camera: Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) with 18-55mm lens. The panorama on this page is about 530 KB.

Requires QuickTime. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime VR movies, at Wholeo Online.

Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). For the same movies in a WWP-type interface, see:

See the World Wide Panorama page. References on this page are to: BMW CLBs (see them also at Gaia Point and the Great Spirit Path). Previous pages devoted to sacred sites on the December solstice are the seasons: 1997, 1998, and 1999. Deer lichen site 2.1.

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