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Travel - Eastern Lake

These pages center around Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, NW Florida. It is a rare coastal dune lake that opens and closes to the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Point Washington State Forest borders it on the north. The neighborhood is Seagrove Beach, and so it is, a lake betwixt sea and grove. These pages start in 2002 and go on to 2012. For more on Eastern Lake, please go to the start page and search. Each item is listed as to where, when - what, media.  The oldest items are last and new items appear at the top of the list, except when adding to an existing line item. Some photos are stitched together as QuickTime VR (QTVRs), which are 360-degree panoramas. A QTVR or Flash panorama movie is interactive and movie files are large: hundreds KB or many MB.

Invasive/Exotics Species Project video. For a trail map, see Beach to Bay Connection, Inc.. See the Florida travel page.

NW lake shore

Birds on a beach sandbar

These pages are about the lake and the nearby beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

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