Pucker, Nov. 18, 2012

Pucker, an earthball of the earth-speaking flower-like kind
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Near Out Back 2012

In 2012, the only earthballs of consequence I've seen are here, starting in November.

earth singers bulging Earthball Singers bulging, Nov. 10 (large version). earth singers side Earthball Singers from side, Nov. 13 (large version). earth singers top Earthball Singers from top, Nov. 13 (large version). earthball tooth Earthball Tooth, Nov. 10 (large version). earthball tooth top Earthball Tooth from top, Nov. 13 (large version).

Near the edge of the Pt. Washington State Forest, to the east of Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in November, 2012, I found earthballs near ones found in December, 2011.

I first found an "earth flower" in 2009. Since then they have not appeared in the same places each year, but have progressively sprung up closer to my home. Here is a chronological list:

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