Elegant Eartha, Jan. 6, 2013   Eartha sauced, Jan. 15, 2013

Eartha, an earthball with pine needle "chopsticks" for tasting spores
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Near Out Back 2013

In Dec. 2012, this earthball had opened, but never appeared so elegantly and many colored as it did on Jan. 6, 2013. The rich effect must have been partly due to the light. When I returned in a couple of days and later in the day, it was back to earthy tones of beige and brown. On Jan. 15 it had been served up with some sort of aqua sauce. I haven't seen this effect before.

This earthball is in the firebreak at the edge of the Pt. Washington State Forest, to the east of Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Eartha appears in the Selected Other Contest Entries section of the 2014 Calendar of the Mattie M. Kelly Cultural & Environmental Institute at Northwest Florida State College (MKEI).

I first found an "earth flower" in 2009. Since then they have not appeared in the same places each year, but have progressively sprung up closer to my home. Here is a chronological list:

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