Earth speaks

I found the earthball on this page on 2010-12-16 NE of Deer Lake near the entrance to Deer Lake State Park north of Scenic Highway 30-A. It is one of the large lasting kinds that visually express earth's yawn or call (given a touch of imagination). The photos are different views of the same fungus, which measures 10 cm. long.


Earthball speaks, Dec. 23Earthball speaks, Jan 2, 2011Subsequent visits on December 23 (see image on left), 30, and January 2, 2011 (see image on right) showed the speaker trampled and returned into sand.

To celebrate new year, on this first post of 2011, to broaden the scope, see "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World" by Paul Stamets, presented by 2012 Time for Change. Earthballs are a special kind of mushroom (fungus) and must have awesome mycelia.

mycelium by Bob BlaylockHere's a picture of mycelium by Bob Blaylock from Wikipedia. Reminds me Wholeo Dome lead lines. Art mushrooms.


This is near Deer lichen site 3 area #6. See also fungi. Back to Puffball Watch 2010-2011.

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