Caroling of 2015

Caroling of 2015

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Wholeo Dome

Wide-angle view by Chuck Henrikson, 1976

Wholeo Dome Deconstructed in 2015

See the Facebook group: Save-the-Wholeo Dome. Friends of the Wholeo Dome at The Farm are caring for it. See also the Facebook group Wholeo Dome Be-In.

The Wholeo Dome is an artistic expression of colored light that everyone can experience simply by stepping inside. Completed in 1974, Wholeo Dome is a 14-foot-in-diameter, 7-foot-tall geodesic dome covered with curved, stained glass panels. “I created Wholeo Dome as an exercise in communicating using colored light as a medium, “ says Caroling the artist.

In 2004, after having been kept in storage for twenty years, Wholeo Dome was installed at The Farm School in Summertown, TN, USA. In 2015, it needed to be repaired and moved so it is currently down.

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