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Here's a climber from People's Park in Berkeley, California, about 1972, in the days of the great free boxes. I offer it as part of the Wholeo branch of the Hippie Museum. Caroling's Timeline is on exhibit.

When Alicia Bay Laurel discovered that I love her book, Being of the Sun (co-authored by Ramon Sender), she invited me to participate in the Hippie Museum, which was open to the public. I liked the vision and turned them on to Irwin Klein's pictures. I began great email exchanges with Char~*, who was the main webmaster. I sent links to my dome artwork, Wholeo, and my temporary live-in dome, Bump. I donated Wholeo Dome to the Hippie Museum Collections to feature a virtual exhibit of Wholeo Dome.

In 2011, Char~* made her transition and followed her path to the stars. Her daughter called it graduation. See our memorial page for Char~*. She is survived by her son Travis and daughters Wind and Willow.

The main purpose of this branch is to oversee the location of the Wholeo Dome. After publishing this page in the summer of 2003, I visited The Farm in Tennessee to meet Albert Bates and see the hippie bus collection, a key exhibit in The Farm History, which is a related branch of the distributed Hippie Museum. See the dome location wing.

Mike with artArt from 1966-68, when I lived in the Haight Ashbury district of SF, includes the photo, Mike's Room. Also, a memory of a poet.

See a QuickTime or Flash spinning logo for the Hippie Museum. Also, see the Rio Theatre and its mural.

Hippie Museum History

Until 2014, I assumed the Hippie Museum website that Char~* developed would continue to exist. If the domain was not maintained, I thought Albert Bates would maintain the alternate link to the content on But it is not there today. Therefore, you probably don't know what this page is a branch of.

Neill Kramer said he was the founding member and handed the running of it to Albert Bates, Alicia Bay Laurel, and Char~*. Char~* and I thought it was a great idea. She made many sections including a page for Wholeo Dome. She longed for a bus from The Farm. One of the most important historical records were photos and memories of living on Wheeler Ranch, where Char~* evolved. Later she moved to Nevada City. A non-profit was formed in California and there were donations.

I'm looking at emails from 2003 on. The sections were Personal. Political. Her own website was and she had a MySpace place. She also was known as Embers Glo. For example on her Facebook page. In 2005 she wrote to the Yahoo Hippie Museum group (which still exists) :

"This group was formed to support the constructing of a real life Museum somewhere. The website is supposed to be a meeting place of ideas and inputs, as well as a reference to the hippie movement, and a place for ideas and events relevant to the movement today."

Char~* wrote:

"Working on the museum is something I Love to do, because I feel like I am contributing to the awakening, or rebirth of Hippie, or cosmic consciousness, or Mayan days end, etc....whatever you wanna call it, that is happening today. But how much is my hippie misty fantasy, and how much of this is real? I mean, I have not a doubt about the consciousness awakening.... I'm very sure of that and am enjoying the swim...."

This is the intro to the Yahoo group.

Hippies in Unity and Support, through Love and Peace, of Each other, All Tribes, Critters, The Planets, Universes and Beyond, as well as The Hippie Museum, which is looking for a place to "Be", in 3D, and meanwhile resides here and here:
And Love.
The Hippie Museum

Here is a web.archive version of the web site from Dec 28, 2007

I guess July 1, 2012 was the last archived version.

See Wholeo Online Web Exhibit Index.

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