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Char~* Salisbury + Embers Glo Xition =>

Char~* or Embers GloConsider her names and what Char did. She signed as Char~*. Is ~* a puff of smoke or a reach for a star? Embers Glo was her username. X is short for Trans (Latin for "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side"). Xition and => are notations for transition (that is, life graduation AKA death). This is my experience of Char~* Xition during her last week in 2011.

CharXition1/16 Sunday

Tracy Dove sent a message from Char's daughter Wind who says Char~* is dying and has maybe a week to live. She has home hospice and has been sleeping for days. Wind said "It is my belief that her soul is in transition - searching for the way to cross over. I think that the more of us who love her and connect with her spirit send our energy her way, the easier and less fearful this part of her journey will be. Please contact any of mom's mutual friends you may know and ask that they join in a 'love circle'."

I replied, Tracy, I've never seen you or Char except over the waves of the Net. And yet. I'm crying so hard. How great that she has Wind and you to tide her over. Ever since Char told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer (summer 2009) and when she started migrating north, she has only intermittently contacted me and never with the same commitment (as when we were Hippie Museum schemers) . She never talked about her health, so I didn't know where she was at. Believe me, and I know you know that she is an important soul. I will dedicate this week to Char's circle. Strange coincidence (o I guess we have to admit they aren't strange and are so welcome) that the presenter at our Emerald Coast Meditation Society this Thursday is talking about "Heart Circles" and will lead us in one. I will now write to the leader and ask if it could be dedicated or we can be dedicated to Char ~*. Char to the Star. Thanks for contacting me Tracy. Please keep in touch. Let me know your thoughts too.

I'm joining the virtual love circle connected by the internet and the ether. I did a color healing. See the thumbnail to the upper right and my interpretations of the color healings. I do change healings for dark nodes each day. They were finished on 1/21 Friday.

south viewI'm visualizing a spirit path at what I call Gaia Point in the California High Sierra. Ancient people marked footsteps on stone. To me a symbolic place where a spirit touches down to earth and after life runs up again. Spirit earth arc site composite of footpath 1, 2, 3 and the valley overview looking south. Here's an attempt to describe the spirit earth arc path in 2001.

CharXitionTwistor1/17 Monday

Color healings each day devoted to changes for Char~*Xition.

CharXitionTwistorSeraph1/18 Tuesday

Char~*XitionTwistorTwistor1/19 Wednesday

At about 11:20 got the expansive feeling of Char~* soul explosion. All those ego related parts released. But a soft warm soul kernel still able to focus on takeoff. A little shaky but even unsure steps are not enough to hinder the souls progress. This is liftoff. Now about 15 minutes later I'm working on pinealSirius and get a whiff of smoke. Undoubtable unquestionable wafting marijuana smoke. This is totally unexpected and has never happened before. That is, in my home. Once in awhile in public I get the whiffs. It seems so clearly recognizable to me even though I was hardly ever around it and even less took part. But of course Char~* thought it was a medical necessity. I don't remember if I ever knew why. Could this psychic smoke be a present, a goodbye gift?

Char!*XitionTwistorCrown1/20 Thursday

ECMS heart circle closing meditation devoted to Char~*.

Char~*XitionTwistorCrownHigh1/21 Friday

Final color healing.

1/22 Saturday

Char died.

1/23 Sunday

Tracy wrote: I just woke up to find out that our kindred sister, Char, embarked upon her journey yesterday afternoon. Tears are flowing.

I replied, Char~* was so close to nature. I was hiking in the woods past flowing creeks yesterday afternoon. I feel she flowed. Thanks for letting me know.

Tracy, this is 50% crazy and worthless, but hear my vision. I had let her go flowing, flowing me. Later in the kitchen, she appeared as this Charspirit arrayed for me in purple red garment and golden glows. She often said she wished to be in Wholeo Dome and today we could do my death vision there. That is look at a picture of the dome and you will transmit from 11:45 to 12 noon and Charspirit will transmit from 12 noon to 12:15. I will honor this. I quickly sketched her apparition and will put it on her Facebook page. (Also put stuff like a picture she had sent me on the Yahoo Hippie Museum group.)

Precursors of this apparition are in Being of the Sun by Alicia Bay Laurel, pages 14 and 121. Such inspiration! Also precursor is "The Four Winds" by Malcolm Myers Malcolm Myers I put up a black and white version too, with the caption Color your own Charspirit. And Tracy Dove did, magnificently.

CharSpirit CharSpiritBW - color your own Color your own CharSpirit by Tracy Dove

Link to Color your own charspirit from Tracy Dove. The actual image.

contact See also Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero hyperbook Immortality Field, reached by clicking the Point of Contact button. The link to my page is here: Death Vision.

I did the wake for her in Wholeo dome virtually (that I described for myself on the death page) the next day and have been stunned at what I received. First I got rainwater blessings and gold she was sending. But then things got incomprehensible. It was a sense of no space. Everything was completely dense and intense. There was no in between, no separation but there was incredible complexity. And the sound was like all the dolphins at once which was hardly bearable. I got that our atmosphere and surroundings shield us from the reality beyond our lives here.

It just occurred to me that the beyond life is unbearable to life but it could be completely different when I am beyond life too.


Started an interactive vibe movie for Char~*.


About the death vision, from Pamela Brown-Courtney: Yes, I did understand that you were "in one" with transcending x-Char; I was wondering if the feelings you had were BOTH x-Char's passing into another realm where soul and sound meet in a higher dimension; but that essence was also touched YOU because of her presence in your heart, and your love was part of the flowing, like wholeo oneness??? Does that make any sense? But this was just my impression, YOU experienced it; in my own whimsical way, I did not mean to take away from your description or experience.... I just always envision death as a body going out, and the soul overflowing from within - becoming a larger presence as it moves toward higher dimension; and the sounds that one associate with "peaceful being" fill the soul as it becomes one with the other ONE. Your spirit drawing of xChar reminded me of that "sense" that I have of "moving on into another dimension, be it heaven or in Gods presence. The overwhelming feeling to me, between life and death, would certainly be the "peace" that fills all the voids. I hope you can do this exercise for me, when my time comes, and i will speak to you intuitively about OUR impressions. I just "resonate" with everything you say about the beyond, with a southern slant! :-0


Reviewing my 237 saved email messages from embersglo. Also Facebook messages. When did she mention cancer? Yes, is on facebook Oct. 10, 2009. She wrote of being in excruciating pain in July. And limping earlier.


About the death vision from Richard C. Rodgers (on Hippie Museum Yahoo group elist): This is very beautiful. Keep in mind that things we get from the other side are hard to interpret and understand when done through the mind. These things have to be done through the being or heart not the mind. The mind always confuses things because it's simply a bio-computer. Ultimately what you are is not the body/mind but what is behind it. That's why things got incomprehensible when you started to try to understand with your mind. Instead leave the mind out and just soak it all in like a child playing and dancing in the rain. All is one. There is no this or that. All is one. Therefore the sense of no space. I believe everything was dense and intense because again your mind was trying to come into the act. Everything is whatever you make of it. Our surroundings are what we perceive with our very narrow five senses. What you might call the other side is separated by a veil which our narrow five senses can not go beyond. There is no life and death. Death is simply a fiction created fear and lack of understanding. When you leave your body nothing really big happens except things are more intense. Colors are brighter for example. So there is really no beyond life. As you know the rainwater blessings and gold was her love. Remember it and soak it all in as her farewell gift.

Peace and Love,

Color healings. Picture. Vibe movie. In 2011, Char~* followed her path to the stars, her daughter called it graduation.

See the Hippie Museum Wholeo branch page.

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