Caroling, Death Vision

Let's make this happen. Cheers, Caroling.

8/18/95 journal entry

Note: I added text later within curly braces ({}).

"Not a dream, but an afterwakeupdream. When I die, if you hold a funeral {or service or thought} for me in Wholeo {Dome}, I promise to irradiate you with visions of the afterlife via the colored rays of sunlight. The more people that are packed in, the better. It'll be dedicated to Theodore Holms Nelson {home or home page, Wikipedia page}, saying "Xanadu, I told you so!" Not the ultimate, but a remarkable hyperlinked transclusion. (There's a good reply from Ted Nelson in Wired this month. He's justifying his lifework against the Wired article on it previously. That's where I got the transclusion word but think it may be wrong. It's something about the kind of links we need to have.)

"However, noone has ever figured out a way to get Wholeo {Dome} up again, {2005, yes it is up, see Note 2 below} so it'll probably have to be done on the Internet (Web). Each person opens up to pictures of Wholeo Dome on their computer. Then all morning I'll be receiving and at 12 noon I'll muster my spirit friends to see to it that all afternoon I'll be sending. I think that's best, to make a day of it. Altho, the quintessence will be from 11:45 to noon for you to send and from 12 to 12:15 for me to send. So it will start from 12:01 midnight and go to 11:59 the next night. 12 hours of you sending to me. and 12 hours of me sending to you. Actually it should be 24 hours of each, so it can sweep round the world at the same point.

"Writing this, I realize I might seriously impair my soul's progress {if there is a soul and/progress} in making this promise. It may be that the takeoff at death might be the biggest boost in getting on with it. But it seems like something I can do. And if you (that is, I) can do it, you (that is, I) should at least think out clearly how you would do it. And only not do it for some overwhelmingly convincing reason. Often it seems if you (anyone) can do something, at least someone does it."


The essence of this dream was simple. A vision of a stained glass dome on a sunny day, jammed with people that are basking in my intense bliss beams. It is such a lovely vision. Something like this one.

Wholeo with crowd

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contact See also Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero hyperbook Immortality Field, reached by clicking the Point of Contact button on the previous page of the book.

2011-01-23 I performed this visioning for/with an online friend. See Char~* Salisbury + Embers Glo Xition =>.

Blessings be! And Love always, Caroling

Note 2: In 2004, Caroling donated Wholeo Dome to The Farm School in Summertown, Tennessee. Be there (see directions) or on the web. See the location web pages.

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