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Wholeo fisheye

Wholeo Dome is a 14-foot diameter stained glass dome. You can explore Wholeo Dome through words and pictures presented as a book overview, detailed tour, history, colored light show, and answers to questions. If graphics appear dark, please lighten your monitor. (Wholeo Dome is Copyright 1974 Caroling All Rights Reserved.)

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Credits and Links

Thanks to Chuck Henrikson (wide-angle lens), Cindy Rosenblum, Marcia Woodby, Frank and Judy Balthus, Gordon Adelman, Tom Crane (fisheye lens), Ana Daniel, and Caroling for artistic photographs and kind donation of slides. The copyrights for these photos remain with their respective photographers. Please send me any contact information about them. On these web pages, I'm sharing the photos in good faith, as they were shared with me.

Thanks to Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) for letting me work after hours on an Indy computer with great graphics processing software, connected to servers and the Web. This environment made it possible for me to prepare the exhibit pages for Sito.

Thanks to Carl Strasen for his support of the Wholeo Dome dream and encouraging me to bring Wholeo Dome to the public. Also thanks to Ed Stastny of 2ito for his ideas and ongoing support of the exhibit.

The original Wholeo Dome exhibit was developed for presentation and archiving at Sito from 1995-1997. Currently, the Wholeo Dome exhibit is being further developed. It is now being linked into Caroling's site, Wholeo Online, so the content is available here. If you would prefer, At Sito, you can visit Flying in EIE If JavaScript doesn't work for you, here's the straight link to Sito.

Wholeo guide, WonderSee more, with Wonder as your guide and visit the location at The Farm where Wholeo Dome resides.

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