Wholeo Dome Exhibit, Hi-End Graphics Path

This path is sprinkled with small GIF graphics amid the text descriptions, as is the text/graphics path. However, the JPEG images are much larger and have a higher resolution. Most of them fill a 21" screen. Take this path if your hardware supports it and if you have patience to wait for the images to download. The reward is to get the feeling of being in the dome, which is quite extraordinary. Wholeo Dome is Copyright 1974 Caroling All Rights Reserved.

wide interior Wholeo Dome interior, wide angle lens shot.

Choose to view the book, gallery, or look around. The book consists of about 20 different views that give you an introduction to all of Wholeo Dome. The gallery is much more extensive than the book.

Wholeo Dome Book

  • The Book of Wholeo Dome

    Wholeo Dome Gallery Entrance

    Here's the entrance to the virtual Wholeo Dome Gallery.
    image map rainbowed

    This composite view is a clickable gate to these areas:

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