Zen/0 -- Caroling's Show, Theatre of the undivided - Immortality Field

This is Caroling talking. I'm creating this field "immortality" (revealed by the button "point of contact") where any of us (dead, gone, or here) can meet. At this special point evoked via your computer, we are undivided together. Remember the unconditional love of the undivided, where nothing matters and nothing is real. We are that nothing mattering. We are that nothing being real. With divine healing, with the reach of love, with the voice of caring, with the spark of will, with the caress of beauty, let us be.

Who knows what might happen, now that we have this point of contact and are free? Anything goes! Allow consciousness to expand. Hi. How are you?

Note: On this topic (but out of the hyperbook), see also the Death Vision page in the Caroling section of Wholeo Online.

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