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Wholeo Books went hyper about 1988, a conjunction of Macintosh, HyperCard, and a seven-year old career in the computer industry. Now I'm translating the best of the HyperBooks to web format.

About reading these HyperBooks

Like Wholeo Books, the way to approach these HyperBooks is not straight ahead. The best way is to look out of the corner of your eye, seeing with the whites. In other words, there is craziness. If you have a very light approach, perhaps you can glean the best. I guarantee that you will be glad you did.

The originals use unfamiliar terms as building blocks. In time, I'll make links to definitions, so you can make sense out of them. Now, just hold the term undefined. As you read, the term becomes defined in use.

These texts are designed using HyperCard and SuperCard on the Macintosh. So was Mosaic, the precursor of the Web browser, Netscape. In most Web browsers, hyperlinks work. The cursor turns into a hand when it is over a hyperlink. However, some features that work in HyperTalk and SuperTalk are only available using Java or some new Web scripting language that is not guaranteed to work on all browsers. So these stacks and projects are mostly, but not completely, translated here.


PrevNextEach page of a project has hands pointing right and left click-linked to the next and previous pages in the project. The hands on this page aren't linked, but try those in the projects. In addition, there are buttons at the bottom of the page and you'll find many more links, too. To start with page 1, use the hand button.

Here are some icons:

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HyperBook Project List

Here is the Wholeo Books/Online list of projects. (Not all available yet).

Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero

A set of HyperCard stacks proposing a notation for dividing by zero. You can explore math and zen positions on the issue, see integration of the two, and interact with a show of how it looks and feels to divide by zero using the notation. If feeling adventurous you can go to the Noint Joint, where the divided meets the undivided. Or read excerpts from related writings.

The cards are bitmaps with jaggies, looking very dated. Enjoy them for what they are, a product of the birth of HyperCard. Remember that the latest web art that looks slick today will also look dated after 10 years.


This SuperCard project pictures a dream of a bookcase, then follows imaginative dreamwork, where 20 books of colors appear on the shelves. Finally interactive color healings come from within the books.

To Tim

Four SuperCard windows set a stage into the brain--cyberspace. They are left, right, corpus callosum, and pineal inner eye. It's a place for custom color healings, menus, windows, and interactive investigations into the expansion of consciousness.

To be continued ...

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